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D. F. Facti

Two sets of rules - - I hope someone takes a look at judicial rulings the creepy Rehnquist might have handed down re drug use or alcohol abuse or physician enablers of drug addicts.

Amazing how mediocre talent laced with ruthlessness almost always leads to the top- - - a Nixonian thug kept in check with J Edgar Hoover holding the blackmail files - - - what a cozy snake pit.

Did you see where some Fox reporter commenting on Obama's cocaine use said that Junior had indulged, as well?


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Jim Hatfield was forced to commit suicide because Rove told him about Bush's coke arrests and then Hatfield's publisher blurted out how Rove told Jim about it.

Right afterwards, Jim said to me, 'They will kill me now.' I said, 'Come stay with me! I can protect you.'

He didn't and a week later, committed suicide after the FBI chatted with him.

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