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The short-term symptoms of potassium depletion are profound dizziness, confusion, disorganization, mutism, and eventual heart failure. People who lack potassium tend to fall down. An overdose of potassium can also cause many of these symptoms. Diuretics are a likely cause of calcium depletion, as well.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct. Tonight, there is a big racing scandal here in NY because of the use of drugs on race horses.


A friend of mine has a TB mare that was raced when younger. She got her as a rescue (another whole problem within the industry!). This mare is 12 yrs old and the sweetest thing on 4 legs. She barrels a bit, jumps a bit, has been locally in the showring and is the love of my friend's she thought to have for a whole lot longer time.

We took her down the the university for further testing after initial liver test results were greatly elevated. The owner was worried the mare had just lost about 20 pds. After doing a liver biopsy, it's been determined the mare has cirrosis of the liver...due to steriods and testosterone given to her while racing. The vets said they see it often. Mares will show in heat to this mare even now, years later.

Anyway, she's got around 4 months to live, give or take according to the vets.. It is just terrible since she really doesn't even appear sick as of yet. She's eating like a horse *G* and is as sweet as ever even though her owner is a wreck...
How many other times has this been repeated and will do so in the future? :(

If anyone knows of any good links for this problem and for alternative meds having to do with this please email me. Please label it well as I receive tons of spam mail too.

Thank You Elaine for this article. My friend mentioned this type problem with Barbaro even as he was recouping.

Teri Shaffer

Dear Elaine -

You are right on concerning horses being drugged. It is totally unfair to the horse and certainly must be considered as an advantage in the outcome of the race. All must be drug free to get the true winner.


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Anyway, she's got around 4 months to live, give or take according to the vets.. It is just terrible since she really doesn't even appear sick as of yet.

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Horse killed by lasix? wow something incredible.

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