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"There are several elements here: one is memory. Everyone thinks their own memory is correct and yet there are always disputes as to what is actually real and what is fantasy."

Memory is extremely faulty, especially for details.

"Diderot encouraged Rousseau to write..."

OK - we can blame Diderot!

"Rousseau's mental health was a matter of some concern for the rest of his life."

And should have been of concern from the outset. Rousseau's drivel is, as they say, so far out there that it's not even wrong.

"One problem with dreams is they can confuse a person terribly for a dream is every bit as vivid as a waking memory as far as the brain is concerned."

Just look at dreams as a metaphorical resetting of the psychological machinery. There's all sorts of stuff getting cleaned up in there when we sleep.

" Dr. Freud took all this to the highest plane. ... He decided that all humans were basically born set up to suffer sexual and psychological trauma which is why he concentrated on the dream world."

And decided these things based on a very limited set of data from a few patients taken from upper-class Viennese society. He pretty much made most of it up.

"I am the victim of 'repressed memory'. Namely, I was really raped as a child and to this day, I can barely remember any details at all, when I accidentally retraced my steps to the door of the man who did this, he did confess to me."

But that actually happened. What about people who, under "therapy", "remember" things that demonstrably never happened?


I do believe that adults can be traumatized.

Other than that, I am very suspicious of any modern psychological research, as it will be declared "wrong" 20 years from now, and so on until we can no longer remember the last time we thought something was absolutely true when it really wasn't.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Humans, being utterly defective, use all sorts of strategems to hide reality from themselves. Anyone who thinks they have outwitted their own minds is delusional.

What we try to do is hide ourselves even as we try to find ourselves. This is a paradox we cannot escape. This is why humans hate each other, especially within families.

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Nothing is really beautiful but truth.

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