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Isn’t it just lovely that these “normalizing” psycho-pharmaceuticals were designed to relieve symptoms generated by the application of Cold War Game Theory. No need to mention the profit angle now is there? Imagine that, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts hiding behind numerical analysis because they got caught with their collective pants down with their misguided institutional methods.



Also the recent initiative whereby PharmCorp is bankrolling medical pundits to champion the prohibition of pharmacists to compound. Relegating pharmacists to exclusive Pharmcorp dispensers. All in the name of safety of course.

Don’t get sick.


I will have much more to say about this when I get time. I know a lot about this. Do not put much faith in neurobiology for the next 50 years, as they are NOT micro-biologically up to speed at all.

I have found oxazepam and clonazepam to be very safe for anxiety, etc., despite all the stupid worry about 'addiction'. Mostly, nothing else is. Dexedrine or Ritalin sometimes work in a time-coordinated fashion in some subset of 'attention deficit'-like conditions. The new anti-seizure medicines like neurontin seem to help a subset of seizure victims. Prozac helps a subset of people with depression, but has bad side-effects for some.

Many, many children of relatively money-laden 'families' are shipped off to 'institutions' so these craven and evil 'families' can have all of their time to themselves!!! Psychoactively medicating children under 12 to 18 years old is not to be done at all lightly. Although they are sometimes helpful for very short periods, the neuroleptics ('new' ones out ever month) have created a global disaster.

Freud was full of it. (I think Elaine disagrees, and she has the right to be wrong, too.) It would be nice if doctors had any clue about how to help most people with psychological problems, but they know little. (And they WILL NOT agree with this!!!)

If you have troubles, an Amerindian medicine person might be able to help. Much more on this later when I have time.

(Oh, and most everyone should eat mescaline once a month... But then the whole 'wonderful' system would disintegrate.)

larry, dfh

An ex-boss used to remind us that the clinical trial that led to the approval of Ritalin was 6 weeks long in adult males. That shows an amazing amount of negligence on the part of the FDA in allowing a drug for life-time use on children based on such limited evidence. I know a kid who has been in the PA system for years, he's been drugged to the point of insanity. It has seemed to me for a long time the the big Pharmas all have their drugs of abuse. Originally, all the LSD came from Sandoz, Quaaludes was brand-name, the list goes on. The virtually unregulated use of psychoactive drugs has been such a boon for big pharma. And people are driving in cars and trucks blasted out of their minds on this stuff. Speaking of which, how is it that you are allowed to drive home from an optomotrist visit after being given atropine?


The number of drug families that can do the slightest long-term good in incredibly complex electro-chemical nervous systems is astonishingly small. Since humans, in particular depend so much upon their nervous systems, they have huge livers to filter their blood. And assorted glial cells (mostly neuron-like, but with fewer active functions) comprise a blood-brain barrier, which filters nutrients and oxygen that reaches the more active neurons.

I think I recall that probably most ruminant animals, and definitely reptiles, have much less protection, and so are stoned most of the time. That would argue for breeding horses for large livers!

The way drugs are used these days, especially with children, is very strange. Some people are getting so many they really don't have time to even take them all. I don't know how I survived so far. I just take oxazepam, which lets me sleep. I have had scans, sleep studies, etc., and they say I get stuck in level 2 sleep, which is like half-way. My nervous system is known to be very unusual. They say I should be unable to do much of anything, but for example, I learned to do differential equations by just reading books. So I'm kind of a curiosity to them. My neurotransmitter system is playing in a different ballpark.They gave me few drugs because they never did what they do to other people. Which, I would guess, was for the best.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

How interesting. Well, there is no drug that can cure being hit by lightning or the other illness I have: slipping into the future periodically.

Most seers hide from the world but I won't. This is because I find life interesting and beautiful. My news service is mostly to warn people of what I see as obvious dangers.

People with astonishing abilities crop up all the time. This is not nearly studied enough. Such people are viewed as curiosities. But there certainly is something going on in our electrical systems to make us able to do bizarre things like assign numbers to nature.

To me, that is the oddest thing of all. It is as if we can 'see' Mother Nature's true face through her veils.

What really scares me is how people are using drugs to hide from important realities. In my husband's case, the emotional hurt caused by his boss in the fight over the poisoning, harmed him.

But the only cure was to face reality, accept the facts and then come to terms with it all. A difficult, multi-year journey. Drugs would have made it impossible.

This is why I am a Freudian: understanding the past means clearly seeing the present and understanding the future. And the key to this kingdom is definitely dreams: I remember all my dreams. They are where everything happens, the interlacing of dreams and reality is very intense.

Sometimes, to a scary degree.

I tell people who have trouble sleeping, start a dream dairy. Upon going into a dream, tell yourself, 'I will remember this' and even if it is only a tiny scrap, this extends the ability to see the other side of reality.

Since I was hit by lightning in my bed, I was an insomniac as a child. I decided one night to start a dream world and I asked Pegasus, the horse that flies to and from there all the time, to take me there, awake.

Since then, I can go into deep sleep. Religion is from this realm. It is really the dream world walking in daylight. It is really funny, to access some parts of this ancient system built up by humans over thousands and thousands of years, all one has to do is have an imagination and then visualize images.

And this is why I say there is no sanity. Just degrees of delusion. And lots of suppressed despair.


Elaine, you are so sure of everything. You live on a mountain of magic and sensation and feeling. But the world is a big place. Your mountain is on a mere island, surrounded by a vast ocean, and there are incredible things beyond that ocean. I am thinking maybe you have yet to see them all.

You are something else!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I'm an old lady. Heh. Can't travel anymore due to husband's illness.

But one can 'see' many things and the internet is like flying all over the universe even if one can't leave home. I love it so much.


Elaine, you will never be an 'old lady', so cut the shit, you devious sorcerer. You are in fact kind of like a hardened monk. Me too. We can probably only agree to disagree. Seers do not get along at all with shamens, generally speaking, even wacky ones like me. But I could recommend some books. There are many versions of Lao Tzu, some fine, some goofy.

For some context on another perspective entirely (much more like your own), get Memnoch The Devil by Anne Rice (I would gladly send you it).


"Freud was full of it." That's so.

The thing about pharmacological psychiatry is, it works. I'm a thoroughgoing materialist: what we call the "mind" is a function of the brain. And talking about stuff for 15 years or so doesn't do much.

AT THE SAME TIME... we overmedicate children because we find them troublesome. I was a somewhat troublesome kid myself. Once or twice, my first-grade teacher tied me to my desk with sewing thread. I had plenty of "wiggle room", but if I broke the thread I had to stay in durung recess. (Whic is something else schools are doing away with...)


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