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This has nothing whatever to do with the above post, however...

You can't help but have noticed that tomorrow is 3/21/07. Something had BETTER happen, or I will lose all faith in the ability of magic-numerology to predict squat diddly.

It's easy enough to look at an event like 9/11 AFTER it happened and say, "Of course! Look at all those magicky numbers!" What we really want is something reliably predictive of the future.

And 3/21/07 is pretty damn magicky...


Well, the Russians did evacuate Iran yesterday, so...

I don't like the feel of that.


The Russians and the Iranians are currently having a billing dispute.


I have no recollection of America recalling all of its technicians and advisors because of a billing dispute with a Third World country that we were trying to befriend or control for political purposes and not financial reasons.

If that were so, most of our technicians and advisors would have left all South American countries by now, as they are all in default (or were at one time) on their loans to US banks.


How did you find out that the Russians pulled their advisers from Iran, DeVaul? I didn't see it in any news.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

It is in the news. I haven't reported it here yet. The chances of Iran being bombed on 3/22 is very high.

BUT the Chinese are mad about us dropping the North Korean negotiations again. This is all up in the air....quite so.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I just did some research and posted a new story about how Putin is hiding his intentions by deliberately spreading contrary stories.

He will make his chess move in good time when he is ready to rook us.

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