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I am trying to determine when a company in KANSAS for god's sake began importing wheat from CHINA.


GM crops are another example of neocon hypocrisy. One of their favorite tactics is to predict catastrophic consequences if we stop the war, allow gay marriage, address global warming, protect civil liberties, cut corporate welfare, or whatever other sensible plan they happen to hate at the moment. It even becomes absurd at times--if we recognize gay marriages, it will lead to people marrying their pets, for instance.

But when mega-agribusiness says, "We're planning to alter the fundamental building blocks of life through GM and irreversibly alter much of the ecosphere--oh, and while we're at it, we're going to poison the whole freaking planet with toxic chemicals" what do the neocons say? "Yeah OK whatever, where's my check?"

Mark Abbott

Back when I administered international research projects for the U.S. Dept of Agriculture, the varroa mite in bees was one of the animal diseases with the most frightening long-term implications, as central as bees are to crop pollination. But could we get much $$ support for getting a major research effort (with Brazil, which then was one of the worst-hit places) to counter this infestation?

Of course not ... but there was all kinds of dosh for research on animal diseases important to groups like the Natl. Cattlemen's Association and the Pork Producers Council. USDA isn't nicknamed the Dept. of Agri-bidniss for nothin'.

Also, the fact that varroa was in wild bees, among them the so-called "killer bees" that were then moving through Central America from the vast forests of S. America (i.e. Brazil), made it oh so easy for the politicos planted throughout the bureacracy (to a degree unknown even under Nixon, and not to be exceeded until Bush43) to ridicule the necessary scientific work on varroa as part and parcel of a "killer bees conspiracy theory."

Ideology + money trumped good (or at least necessary) science under Reagan -- and does so even moreso today.

The only reason I hope there really is a Hell somewhere is to see that those criminals get a due comeuppance. Forever.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks for the background, Mark.

Everyone here is correct--no surprise. Yes, the right wingers are hysterical about something spreading when it is free love or gay marriage or divorce (sort of) but when it comes to altering the planet in deadly ways, they think this is OK.

I suspect they are really aliens like in the scientologist theology.


The Scientologists sue people constantly. I gave them a lot of hell over the Terri Schiavo fiasco. They owned the 'hospice' where her feeding tube was pulled out, and she was thus starved. They cannot cope with trans-humans, such as myself. And I am NOTDEADYET!


I am now taking bets that this pollinator insect crisis (and it will be one whopper of a crisis if we loose most fruits and vegetables to it) is from genetically modified plants that are toxic to insects. The government must know the consequences involved, and if it were merely a natural disaster, the cause would be all over the news. I bet someone is now very busy covering their posterior!

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