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Well, if you pass away, and find yourself in a place with no sidewalks and hideous odors, in other words, New Jersey, you lose!

Corzine is almost a saint by their standards. Then, many decent unfortunates inhabit the Slimeball State.

Imus was much worse than Limbaugh. He looked a lot like Ronald McDonald, yet still failed to achieve clown status. I'm glad he's gone.

But it would have been better had they just kept the creep. Then everyone would know how they really are. The scum DID hire him! And paid him $MILLIONS.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

They should put you on. I bet it would be vastly more amusing.


Strange how many have said that very thing. How about if they let Imus back on, but blues runs the show and switches the mike.? (I could very slowly lower his audio volume!) Many who foolishly suggest such things are oblivious to my crucial advice, but will enjoy my humor. It never occurs to them what a snake I can be at odd times. Idiots, mostly.

I badly borked my system, corrupted my cookies, reset my CMOS (internal battery run) clock five hours ahead, deranged my startup settings, etc, etc, etc. last night by trying out an Off-Broadway 'live' CD version of Linux. The Slax Linux live CD was the only one I ever had any luck with. I had to use every trick to put it all back. (I have lots of tricks!)

'Computer science' has more people who don't want you to know what they are doing than the frickin mafia!

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