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This one was amazing. Just over the top. When I was about seven years old, I had a developmental condition, so I pretty odd. My father had a soon-to-be-unsuccessful construction business, and so-called steam shovels and bulldozers. I did not really comprehend what the things could really do. (Now I know they insanely powerful, and I stay well clear of steam shovels. I've heard that if the bucket, by some miscalculation, hits your head, the most likely result is that your brain pops right out like a nut out of its shell.) Well, my father had all this stuff just parked in our big yard on Lake Candlewood, in Connecticut. And so of course one sunny day I just hopped into the bulldozer. In those days there were no keys on these things! Just a big shiny chrome button! Which of course I just pushed. The thing started to crawl forward toward my house relentlessly, and I could steer it a bit with the two, um, whatever they are, like two control paddles, or twin slot machine levers. I was still not sure I would miss the house, but then there would be the lake... So anyway, this goofball heavy-drinking, not very smart fellow (he passed long ago) jumped in at the last minute and shut it off somehow. Nobody was at all happy about that! But still, your chances would be better with me behind the levers, than Bush, I would say.

Honestly, these reporters must think that history is something that happens to other people! Then they just write about it. Talk about your poetic justice. They found out the hard way that history can happen to them. This afternoon, there was not a peep about this in the political blogs. I won't start one either, I'll just let these reporters experience a little history embargo, just so they know what it feels like. I mean, I was friends with a woman who had a son who was always in trouble. His girlfriend was also always in trouble. She had two dogs, and when she passed away (cancer took her, an awful scene for me) I had to find one a home and I still have Heidi, a black and white 12 year old female coonhound, like a small pointer. I had to find a home for the 80 pound black 'golden' (flathaired?) retriever. That is a big story in itself. But the thing about the dogs was, they clearly understood all about her son and his girlfriend, and would be politely friendly, but profoundly leery of them both. How strange that these so-called human reporters, with all their fancy training and such, lacked the basic sense of these dogs! Wow.

I put this roundup of recent white house follies in MyDD, but it no one thought to comment on it or 'recommend' it. I would of. It is a splendid little collection of horrors:

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Elaine Meinel Supkis

Heh. Great story, Blues! Gads, you HAVE to visit us sometime! We have guest space and lots and lots of room and even earth moving equipment I know how to operate.

Children love to work the backhoe with me holding them. It is really simple. Too hard for Bush, of course.

And yes, the various blogs can't keep up with this monkey. He is endless. I wonder how I do it sometimes.


Thank you for saying that. Maybe some day I'll have the ability to do that. At the moment, Heidi has the bad problem of not being able to be left alone for more than a half hour. She goes nuts and tears everything up. And she's leaky, so people dislike that. Big pain all around. It's gotten rather cold, but we have had no snow to speak of. I live within easy walking distance of the Connecticut river, which is a bit too polluted to swim in. Everybody knows that weather in the Connecticut Vally is much warmer and less snowy than in the 'Hilltowns'.

I am appalled at the news. This little episode really shows that these newspeople are in their own little bubble. It is far more significant than a lot of much more heavy duty items. They really don't get it. All in all, the secret service should have just protected bush. Now that's easily the most cynical thing I ever said, so I take it back. But really, they need some kind of big-time lesson. The thing about the internet is that you can meet up with some really smart people. But you get brought back to earth by the fact of having to kick hot-shot political bloggers in the pants for obtuseness. I'm beginning to like Alex Jones more. And Robert Scheer and the truthdig crew are pretty sharp. I used to always depend on The New Yorker. Things have been bad, lately. I have to do something. new. Maybe work at my forum. Thank you so much. You are one of the few who have really levitated above the Grid. You are very confident. Of course, all my shamenistic impulses warn against too much confidence. The raving Song of the Self is a warning, not a lullaby. But you know how life is hard. So many are deluded by the mist. People can think they are 'hip', while they're completely embubbled.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The left sphere is just as much a bubble as the right sphere. The danger of hanging out with Alex Jones is, he will probably go insane like most people who tangled with the satanists. They specialize in this. Being rational helps but it is much better to have very strong beliefs.

In my case, to be blunt, I grabbed this shining, brilliant, fiery horse's mane as he shot past me back in 1955. I learned over the years that he is a boisterous beast as well as a great companion. He is pretty heartless but loyal.

I concluded that all gods are heartless. Comes with the divinity. But they can, if one is careful (have an apple, dear Pegasus and don't step on me, thanks!) be useful allies.

Having this rock-hard religious base, I can tackle the madness of the rulers. They can't shake my faith because frankly, the Horse finds all this hilarious, you know. Having a vast sense of humor (all horses are sly) means he can't be spooked. If he is, he kicks.

All the spookier sites on the web have serious delusional problems. Comes with prying into these matters. I am totally immune to them. When I sound the craziest, though, is when I am seriously sane. I don't get angry when people look at me funny when I write about magic numbers and how one makes real events come out of ritual ceremonies but this is when I am trying to explain the Outer Darkness and how it operates in Real Time.

This odd place that lies between the flow of time and warped time/space is what these guys want to tap. Great power is there: the ability to see the future (ahem).

So be careful looking at all that: it is madness and more. Dangerous to the human mind which is acutally quite straight-forwards. Paradoxes drive us insane. Yet that is where the key lies!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Oh, and a side but funny note: Bush and his satanist friends keep thinking they are tapping into the powers that lie in the paradox of time and space through their stupid rituals.

It is painfully obvious this has failed. Far from seeing the future, they have to shove like hell to make things happen and they leave a big, fat trail. 9/11 is such a failure, it has exposed them to MORE examination and public doubts! Ha.

They can't see squat diddley. Indeed, the Devil that is Death, being a demon from hell (imp of the Paradox) ---amuses itself, tormenting these clowns, toying with them.

Everything they do using its vast powers blows up in their faces. Instead of giving up and being nice, they try harder and harder. I can feel it every time Bush takes out Geronimo's skull and prays for guidance. We must remember, Geronimo wants our soldiers blown up in Iraq. He wants our navy sunk in the Persian Gulf.

He wants us to go bankrupt! So every piece of advice he gives Bush does these things! This is why we have to arrest him, you know. Stop this lunatic.


To me, the ultimate goal has always been to rise above good and evil. I think Alex Jones is just putting on a big show of fighting off evil. I think, inside, he knows that it is just a big game. So I don't think he will go nuts at all. In fact, there is a reasonable chance that Bush himself will come around. He has terrible limitations, but something tells me he is becoming aware of them. People like him get a better as they get older. And old Geronimo has tricks he can play that few would imagine. It's all devolved into a very high stakes poker game, so there are cards in play, and cards have lessons to teach. I don't play card games, but I know the cards have their special functions. We shall see.


Looks as though the WH Press Corps never worked construction. Rule #1: Maintain awareness of all moving equipment in your area. Keep at a safe distance at all times.

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