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"Later, Secret Service said nothing suspicious was found in the vehicle, which was driven by a government contractor and had been stopped at the entrance to the White House complex."

When I opened your story, I thought I was going to read about an actual bomb. But noooo.

I submit that it would have been news if they'd actually found something. Do you actually want a big screaming headline every time the Secret Service tosses a car and finds... diddly?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

They were EVACUATED. Life was DISRUPTED. OK, Smith, the 'bomb' scare in Boston was a child's toy gimick. According to you, it shouldn't have been news, right?


adult cartoon gimmick.

it wasn't news, until the news made it news. perhaps if FUX hadn't hyped it, it wouldn't have gotten all blown out of proportion. but they're the ***All Terror-All The Time*** network.


It was news in China and Canada, but not here, huh? I've seen this kind of thing all my life (of course). It happens at local papers too. THEY 'make' the news. They should go to Iraq and roam around the non-green zone. I am sure there is lots of news there. The thing with Hillary 'not taking anything off the table' regarding Iran was so depressing I gave up blogging today. However, Matt Stoller did a 'front page' piece on it, so that was encouraging. The only candidate who had said that it would be unwise to attack Iran at a meeting he went to was Wesley Clark. I have developed a lot of information on the situation there. In the link:

<-- copy/paste -->


it is said that:

««America is now 75% dependent on foreign imported oil. About 23.5% of America's imported oil supply comes from the Persian Gulf. To cut off this oil supply, Iran can simply mine the Strait of Hormuz, using bottom-rising sea mines. It is worthwhile to note that Iran has the world's fourth-largest inventory of sea mines, after China, Russia and the US.»»

So just having all those ships in the Persian Gulf is a huge hazard.


Politicians are like the lizards I used to catch down in Louisiana when I was a kid. I would take them and place them in a different location and watch their colors change, and then I would move them again and watch...and again and again and again. I was fascinated by it.

I don't think they cared much for it, since I was not paying them or feeding them. But I was keeping the cats from playing with them, so that should count for something.


"According to you, it [the Boston 'bomb' scare] shouldn't have been news, right?"

It was newsworthy... in that it showed how idiotically hysterical law enfarcement can be.

I have an old VCR - it's a box with electronics inside, and it trails wires. I bet the cops would crap if I left that laying around somewhere!

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