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"Due to too little time, I didn't write about the wonderful news that Inconvenient Al Gore's documentary won 2 Oscars."

Did he win for Best Song-and-Dance by a Former VP?


Just over twenty years ago, I worked for one of the top ten Japanese trading companies, fixing and adjusting the then very new satellite TV receivers that they shipped here. Many of the Japanese thought they were different than us, better than us, in fact. So there was this odd tension. These Japanese had never worked for a USan company, so they had no way of knowing that they were pretty much the same.

Now, my immediate supervisor was a very interesting man from Kobe, Japan (a port city of about 1.5 million, which had a bad earthquake in 1995, but is now repaired). He was a nice fellow with a great sense of humor, and very humble. He once told me he was shocked at how hard the Americans worked (this was not known to the Japanese). I was very involved with taoism, so I probably picked up a few things the other Americans overlooked. (Technically, my boss did not work for the giant top-ten company (which very few Americans have ever even heard of!), but for a much smaller company that manufactured the actual products.)

The BIG BOSS of the facility where I worked was Japanese man from the giant trading company ('Mother Ship'), and he was to be treated like G-D. But I knew, for all his majesty, he was not a heavy hitter, in fact a rather light hitter, in fact incompetent. I got out of that job somehow or other, and when you leave a job at a giant Japanese trading company, you are expect to just die promptly. Like the Mafia, or IBM.

Years later I meet up with the only American who had held a somewhat high position there in a drug store in another town. Apparently things were not going at all well with the giant company's satellite receiver business. Seems that Mr G-D had decided to screw the little manufacturer (who my engineer-former-boss really worked for) by selling receivers from a competing manufacturer. But they had to retain my former boss in his engineering position. Now these satellite receivers had to work in conjunction with 'downconverter' modules. So when the humongous barge-load of these units comes in, what happens? For very complicated electronic reasons, the receivers and the downconverters cannot function together at all! It's all useless! (Apparently, Mr G-D had forgotten that my former boss was really still working for the original manufacturer...)

So, I don't like working with people who don't know what they are doing. You need heavy hitters running things, and if you don't have them, you are screwed. Some people have an instinct for failure, and they tend to become bosses! This can happen to political blogs. Most of them are run by somewhat competent people, but most do not have real heavy hitters. They constantly kick me around. And they are constantly having to back up and do things the way I got kicked around for showing them. I kept telling the ENTERTAIN THE TROOPS!!! They finally understood this. In the '60s and early '70s, the actual Beach Boys would throw concerts in the middle of demonstrations, and this was considered a significant enhancement. But the 'Big Blogs' (supposedly) still have this inability to respond well to obvious victories. Sometimes going to the 'Big Blogs' (supposedly) is like going out for fast food. You can only get so far if you lack heavy hitters. I would trade 1000 Markoses for one Alex Jones.


Five paragraphs of snivel? Why, man? Why?

"They constantly kick me around."

Poor Bluesie. There, there.


I double-dog dare you to go there and offer up your sweet pearls of wisdom, JSmith!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I love Bender and Al Gore.


"I double-dog dare you to go there and offer up your sweet pearls of wisdom, JSmith!

There? Where, there?


I would give you a clue, but they would only torture you. They are not the master strategists they would like to be, but they are often kind of rough and mean. It would not be very pleasant.


And I thought you'd dominated the entire internet with your superior wit & wisdom.

That's OK, though - if you're talking about political blogs, those people don't interest me much. They're too single- (and simple-) minded.

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