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You are right, Elaine. I just saw NBC news. They showed the anti-war demontrators and even zeroed in on a sign that said "Impeach Bush" for several seconds! They also showed the Gulf region as still utterly destroyed and they said that Iran has "another side to it" that we never see (I wonder why?) which showed Iranians saying how much they liked America but hated our government. Wow!

Media Jackels! No wonder Nixon cursed them. I would too, and I am no fan of Nixon by any means.

I still do not understand why the rich Jews are dumping Bush. What did he do wrong?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

They are throwing him overboard. But not in prison. See? He is now an old rag, no good. So they will give him a good pension and take good care of him and tell us, we need a new leader.

I just published above the NEARLY TOTALLY HIDDEN STORY about AIPAC's convention this week: every single damn candidate of BOTH parties except for McCain, were there, begging for money and offering to serve Israel before the USA.


Note too how McCain is now the bad guy in the news and the media makes fun of him. No accident.


Unbelievable. Is there or do you know of an example from history of another empire being controlled by a tiny country like we are? This is just too bizarre.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Vatican.


Oh yeah, the Popes. Forgot about them. I thought this was all eerily familiar to something I once read long ago.

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