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Being charged money while calling into a radio or TV show! Never heard of this scam.

There are so many now. When a society gives itself over to incessant lying and disinformation, scams soon follow like a swarm of locusts.


"The media systems are always seeking ways to make money off of gullible people. Starting with Big Brother 6 years ago, the business of luring foolish viewers to call into shows and then making money off of the phone charges, has grown like weeds."

OK... let's think about this for a minute. Did someone threaten these people if they didn't call in? "Vote now or the kid gets it!" I doubt that very much. Aren't people who call into shows someone's natural prey? I can't get worked up about this very much at all.

"Instead of controlling access to guns, we will control all the content of all our media, practicing Soviet-style censorship, etc."

Apparently something needs to be controlled. Last week you posted about cultural influences that lead to a violent society - isn't media violence one of those influences?

"Defining 'violence' is difficult. ... Some violence leads to imitation while some doesn't and censoring stuff is stupid since this is all about free choice."

That's so. Which is why kids get to watch so much violence. And there's artistic expression as well as free choice - that show wouldn't be as dramatic if those people didn't get shot to pieces, would it?

So I suppose the easier path is to control the tools. Here's a proposal to ban certain kitchen knives:

I use a 9" Wusthof chef's knife, which is very sharply pointed. I suppose the solution to knife violence is to buy my roasts or chickens pre-cooked and pre-sliced.

Elaine Meinel Supkis


Conning people into schemes is old stuff. And there are laws about scamming people. For example, pyramid schemes are illegal in many places except Wall Street (heh).

Controlling content: I believe everyone should control their own content. Passing laws doing this is futile and stupid. As I said before, people WANT mass murder and LOVE bloodshed.

I didn't call for an end to this, I simply explained our culture and why we do this. Just like the Romans wanted circus and bread even as their empire imploded and the citizens ended up dead as barbarians burned Rome down and destroyed everything, so it is with us: we want death and we will get it. In spades.

I called for an end to all the weeping and wailing and demands that the world sympathize with us. We are drenched in blood and love every drop of it.


"I believe everyone should control their own content."

Where do you stand on kitchen knives?


"Where do you stand on kitchen knives?"

I sharpen mine every night before I go to bed.

As for gun control, I think it is a lost cause in so far as preventing mentally ill and former felons from getting their hands on a gun. There are just too many now for sale on the black market. Our country is saturated with them.

Personally, I feel that the 2nd Amendment was placed there for a reason. It was meant to show Americans what they would need to do if the First Amendment was taken from them.

Gun nuts cannot figure this out. They ride around with bumper stickers that say: When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. They miss the point of the 2nd Amendment entirely, and the government fosters this confusion.

The bumper stickers should say: When guns are outlawed, only the government will have guns.

Outlaws do not take away our First Amendment rights. Only governments do that.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Note how revolutionary gun nuts are. Heh. Probably the easiest people to con into supporting their enslavers.

Charles Walker

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