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I am really surprised you aren't more sympathetic to Cho. He rants against deceitful charlatans, debauchery, insatiable greed, and rich kids. No, he's not talking about the political shrubbery at the top of America. He is talking about America. He talking about our friends, neighbors, and our children. It's a fight or flight response, really. Add a dash of overwhelming odds, a dash of pride, some prescription meds, a stubbornness to no longer run and hide, and you get someone who knows they are going to lose, but is willing to take as many of "them" as they can with them. Some choose bombs. Some choose planes. Cho chose the gun. Banning pipes, planes, and guns won't fix the problem. The culture is the problem. Until America learns to stop picking on the weak, and cuts the smug arrogant self centered snobbery, many more of our sons and daughters will die senseless deaths.

Taking self defense away from the masses enables mass murder.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Violent revolution hosted by suicidal manicas leads to World Wars and other horrors.

I love civilization. So I want to protect our system which is why I detail our collective dangers and and warn the ruling classes, they are building their own coffins.

Bin Laden's skillful attacks on the USA were designed to goad us into be reckless and careless and his family is very close to the Bush clan and he read his tea leaves correctly. He knew Bush would spend freely after 9/11 instead of being cautious and bingo.

We are going bankrupt.

This is NOT GOOD. For us individually or collectively. I don't want violence, I want peace and plenty. And I know that making 'the little people', ie, the lower classes, happy, is good.

Pushing them deep into debt is bad. Sending their jobs to Asia is bad. They have to buy cheap Chinese goods but this is, in the long run, bad for us all except fo the very top, the happy 1% that is making money hand over fist.

Cho was a psychopath. He thought of only himself. He built nothing, he is a destroyer just as we are in Iraq, destroyers.

Don't elevate him higher than he deserves.


"I am really surprised you aren't more sympathetic to Cho. ... The culture is the problem."

OK... what, specifically, do you suggest we do to ensure that the needs of people like Mr. Cho are properly met?

(That reminded me of the drivel I used to hear in school, in the early 70s, about how crime isn't the criminal's fault, it's society's fault.)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Cho was trained to be a mass killer. Not by his parents but by the culture at large. In olden times, people like him were set off as bezerkers: the community would send him off to the neighbors to kill them and steal stuff.

Today, we do this via the Pentagon but they don't want bezerkers because they might get out of hand and attack the Pentagon. Just like Bush wanted the 9/11 attackers to spook us but didn't expect them to attack the Pentagon too.


"and warn the ruling classes, they are building their own coffins."

And Cho made them use them. When you build your own coffin, it is not reasonable to think that you will never be forced to use it, but that is how the rich think as they cut funding for social services.

As for Cho, he needed medical help. He needed to be closely monitored in an institutional type atmosphere to make sure he took his medications and also received therapy, but this all costs money, and our society has decided to set the mentally ill loose to fend for themselves. Jet skis are more important than building a sane society.

You would be amazed at how many mentally ill people are "cured" on the very day their private insurance runs out. They are then turned loose on the rest of us who do not live in gated communities.

There is a severely mentally ill man who walks up and down my street and has done so for over 20 years. He has schizophrenia (sp?)and talks to himself and inanimate objects and is only vaguely aware of others around him.

He is lucky. Someone cares for him and he is not violent, but he is also unprotected from gangs of rich kids who might want to go kill or beat someone for fun. (Rich kids get bored fast. I hung out with some in law school and was amazed at their shallowness. One joked about adopting a black kid as a little brother and then raping him. He claimed to be joking, but it still left me feeling chilled to the bone.)

I predict that rants and attacks against the ultra rich or even upper middle classes will increase over time, and the responses by the upper classes will become more violent and repressive over time as they realize that the masses are awakening to the fact that they have been swindled of all their collective wealth just to satisfy a tiny few at the very top.

There is nothing new under the sun. (Ancient philosopher).

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