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ahhhh, polish up those golden chariots, and press the silk were off to the gladiator championships! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Don't forget to bring some Christians to feed the poor lions.

Frederick N. Chase

Loretta Fredy Bush is "now 48 (and no kin to George W. Bush)" according to

Elaine Meinel Supkis

And Xinhua news is no longer. The paper which amused me for the last 2 years is gone and replaced with China news and it is worthless now for me to get my beloved diplomatic photos and other goodies which I use to track the political emperors and their staff!

Gads. This stinks big time. I used to read Pravda for the same reason years ago!

Mal Bumgarner

Like the Wall Street Journal and other supposed esteemed rags, you have managed to propogate and or/re-propogate inaccuracies about Xinhua Finance and Fredy Bush by copying and pasteing only what seems relevant to you. You've done this with total disregard for the idea that in order to develop an enlightened opinion you might consider investigating all the relevant information first. For instance, just because someone's last name is Bush does not, notice the NOT here, mean they are of the same family as George Bush. Now-- Does that make any sense to you, Elaine, or am I getting ahead of you on this?

It's also obvious that you have little or no real knowledge of your subject, of China, of finance, of hisory or much of anything else that I can tell. Plain out you're just a Ranter and a Raver.

And, sadly, as you sit at your little Mac and pound away complaining about both communists and capitalists, you probably haven't even found a way to make a decent living out of second rate muck-raking and verbally pointing what seems to me to be a very self righteous finger at just about everybody and everything.

Is there anything you do like? Or support? And I'm not talking about clothing yourself in the American flag and posing with a dog and a cat, because that just don't mean diddlysquat.. It's real quanit in a mid-western sort of way, but not relevant and not even convincing or up to date, Elaine.

So, my advice is to get a grip... at least do your homework before you attempt to assassinate someone's character, ethics and history. If you had half as much talent as you think you have you'd be working for a more prestigious organization intead of paying for web space to grouse about things that you obviously don't have any knowldeg of.

Mal Bumgarner




Fredy Bush isn't related to the Bushes in any way shape or form. Would that mean alot of your other assumptions are false too.

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