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Great cartoon, Elaine!

I laughed out loud. This one is just as good as the one with Bush asking Olmert for advice on which way to turn the vice his wang is caught in.

Good job!


I always knew there was a huge down-side to these televised police chases. In fact, many police departments just do not do auto chases because of the general hazards they present to everyone on the road. I watched some of these things, but soon decided that there was nothing of any real interest in them. I worked at the Connecticut Highway Dept. Div. of Surveys and Plans, as a "flagman", directing vehicles around teams of land surveyors "survey crews" (among other duties), and we had to know a lot. Any time something out of the ordinary occurs on a highway, the risk of a tragic accident increases 100 times.

Actually, the scariest things are tires in the road. Huge truck tires sometimes shed their outer treads in the middle of a road, and these things sit there waiting to cause an accident.

I have seen entire tv shows consisting of videotaped police chases. People who fail to see the ugliness of these shows are not up to speed on personal ethics.


Elaine, please don't give up the struggle.

Remember the way of the water, even though it seeks the lowest point it can wear away the toughest rock. You know that also have something very powerful, moral authority.

I was a little disconcerted that news critturs were compared to vultures, vultures are extremely beautiful and graceful fliers. Vultures also fill a necessary niche.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

My Watchers are vultures. I once had one for a pet in Tucson. He was run over by a truck while eating on the highway.

Vultures are interesting birds. They can smell a dead body INSIDE A HOUSE! When one of my oxen died inside his stall, they all gathered on the roof and demanded I let them in! I didn't even know he was dead at that time!

Another time, my horse fell asleep in the middle of the field, lying on his side. The vultures thought he was dead so they came down and landed right on top of him. I laughed as he jumped up and they struggled to get back into the air again.


"The US is in love with watching chases, explosions and chaos."

I like football, myself.

"I worked at the Connecticut Highway Dept. Div. of Surveys and Plans, as a "flagman..."

I have a road-crew story. One summer while I was in college I had a job with the highway dept. as a jackhammer operator (great fun if you've never tried it!)

We had prepared a hole in a freeway for repair and were waiting for a dumptruck of hotmix to back into place and fill it in. Some old fart in a Cadillac slowed down to a near-stop - in a freeway traffic lane! - so he could yell at us to get to work... and got rearended by the next person to come along.

We were happy to tell the highway patrol it was all his fault. They followed the ambulance to the hospital.


Brian Cloughey, an Australian Viet vet has done some good writing on lack of discipline of US troops. A case in point Cloughey commented on was an exploding transformer in Baghdad, US forces opened fire on passersby on the street. A more disciplined group would have dismounted, sought safe vantage points and advanced on the supposed threat. Rather than shooting down men, women and kids. OTOH, Iraqis are brown skinned people so like Indians their lives don't amount to much.

Speaking of helicopters, growin up in East LA we heard them all the time. used to F up our TV reception, but there weren't many good programs on anyway so WTF. Keep up the good writing on the LDP/carry trade scenario, nobody else is talking about it.
take care,

Build Muscle Fast

Hi there, I really like what you are saying although I can't agree fully on all things you are saying. But I really appreciate your efforts to explain us these details here . I would like to see more sites/blogs like this one. Cheers , Sasha

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