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So now you're tring to be a supermarket 'bloid, Elaine?

"The English not only don't have freedom of speech, they have no rights to privacy..."

I'm sure some people will be surprised by that. Happens when you don't have a [written] constitution.

"The internet greatly distresses these people who love the internet because it gives them more money and power but at the same time, it also has given us outsiders lots of power."

The thing is, many of you outsiders aren't strongly wedded to any conception of 'fact' or 'truth' - the I'net is where you can say just any damn thing that comes to mind.

"I suspect this was a message to me from Google---either a warning or a sign they left to show that they were forced to gag me. Maybe I am reading too much in this but I have GOOD REASON to be paranoid in this regard."

And perhaps someone other than Google was yanking your chain. Search engine results can be played, you know.

"Long live the Internet! Long live freedom of speech!"

Long live responsibility.

Hip hip hooray.


Murder In Samarkand

Look at the responses!


((----- Copy & Paste -----))

My Left Wing:


Prison Planet Forum:


The 'elite' never get a break!


October 09, 2007 at 04:55 PM

~"Murder In Samarkand" blues~

.... Is at the very top of Google.

Antonio C Pinto

I got a reference on you from a friend of mine. I'm really amazed by your deconstructive writing on economy. I wonder though why cannot I find any link to your life and carrer other than your website when I search at Google. Now that I have read this last post of yours I'd like to ask you if there is some character obliteration going thru the Net against you.



Peter Gabriel presaged YouTube with his populist "Witness" program-movement. Now YouTube makes it possible to shine light into a lot of previously dark crypts; even if it is jumbled and disorganized. Now the web enabled common man can participate in responsible, illuminating journalism>> from a supposedly off-the-cuff statement about a botched secret payment to a local contractor spoken by a county commisioner at a casual local meeting that finds its way onto the web to a world leader crassly massaging anothers shoulders on a stage as she cringes. The dirty underwear under the pompous tuxedo begins to reek and permeate the room!! Here, here: long live the web.


"I wonder though why cannot I find any link to your life and [career] other than your website when I search at Google."

It's being suppressed by the Forces of the Nether Darkness.


Are you sure you want to know about the forces of nether darkness? I could give you a great little walk-through.



This post is very import. The logic is: If the soft power fails, then you get hard power. And if this one fails you get wars. Is this the usual path of dying empires ?

Are we about to enter a new phase where we will have less democracy ? I think so. You have reason to be paranoid.

I make you a chalange: Why alternative media blogs such yours and others do not create a BBS ( ? If you get censured in a WW event or some think like, the bloggers could keep the readers informed.

They have COG plans ( You should have COB, Continuity of blogging plans !


"Are you sure you want to know about the forces of nether darkness? I could give you a great little walk-through."

Do the Forces of the Nether Darkness live where the sun don't shine?


HAHA! You are getting better at this, Smith.

Staci Burruel

Most online-based businesses rely on blogging and we all know that people won't blog if there's no privacy when you use the internet. Some local search marketing firms that help promote blogs are based in England. If they try to bring down blogging in the country, I'm pretty sure they'll move somewhere else. After all, local search marketing services in England rely on net traffic induced by bloggers.

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