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Debt in 1980 was ~1 Trillion when Reagan took office. Increased to ~3 Trillion under Reagan. Increased to 9 Trillion under Bush 2.


"Even though I was Mrs. Levy for 20 years..."

As you never tire of reminding us.

Isn't it about time for one of your perodic remakings of one or another of the natural sciences? You've already done geology and astronomy - how about chemistry this time?

Elaine Supkis

Smith, I have had the dubious duty of knowing you for years. But every day, I get new readers. This blog isn't the biggest on earth but it has been growing steadily and now has thousands rather than dozens of readers every day.

So I have to retread stuff.


Elaine you're not allowed to say those things.

God in His wisdom means for the United States to be a life support system for Israel.

Israel is Pharaoh now and we will all need to make Pharaoh more and more adobe bricks with less straw. It must say so somewhere in the bible because most Americans wouldn't believe it otherwise.

I recently saw, I can't remember where, that the majority of American Jews, and even the majority of rabbis, now believe the creation of Israel was a mistake.

The reasoning, as I understand it, is when a religion takes a national home, a geographical area, it in effect makes its believers aliens everywhere else, since their rightful citizenship becomes that of the religious territory, the earthly territory, and that is where their loyalty and faith should be.

The creation of Israel certainly has made Jews aliens in places like Tehran, Damascus, and Baghdad which were Jewish for hundreds of years before the Arabs arrived.

It's pretty clear Israel is done for. It has only lived this long as a parasite, and as is often the case, parasites weaken the very hosts whose health they depend on. In the long term Israel is unsustainable.

I think many of the rich and powerful — I know nothing of Zell — who are accused of being super pro-Israel, actually know Zionism is a dead cause and are cynically using Israel to help them grab as much for themselves as they can.

Certain this is not the first time the rich and powerful, kings and popes, say, have used religion as a cover to blind and fleece the masses.


Well, just you wait for my next revelation. Just wait for it. WW II had absolutely nothing to do with the poor Jews. Or the Ruskies! It was all — ALL — about OIL!!!


Hate to break it to you, but WW II was about a national debt that was so huge as to be unpayable.


Actually, just about nothing in this world happens for just one reason. Sure the absurd German war reparations had much to do with bringing Hitler to power.

I have read some of the transcripts of Hitlers meetings (they usually recorded them, it seems). He basically just wanted to attack and invade everything around him. He could not cope with the notion that there was something he couldn't attack and invade (reminds me of some others).

The oil factor is made very conspicuous by its absence from the available history of all this. You will recall that Hitler's regime developed the only "liquid coal" refinery ever. And that his tanks were actually crippled (just dead in the sand) in the Middle East. Now imagine. Suppose Germany owed all that money; what could that mean? They had manufacturing. I am guessing that they could grow much of their own food. So what commodity could they need, but just not get without trade? Oil.

I recall that FDR probably forced Japan to attack Pearl Harbor by making it very difficult for Japan to get oil.

Oil, Oil, Oil over everything.

Elaine Supkis

Japan's invasion of Burma was for oil. Their invasion of China was for LABOR. Never forget that many wars since the Dawn of Civilization has been for SLAVES.


"This blog isn't the biggest on earth but it has been growing steadily and now has thousands rather than dozens of readers every day."

Really? I thought your readership would've been in the millions by now.

Everyone who's anyone reads CLN!

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