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Olbermann did a segment on it on MSNBC tonight.

Elaine Supkis

Thanks, Shargash. He is the Alternative Media at this point. He is one of the few 'outsiders' who is allowed to be 'inside.' Good for him, as always.


Stan Goff had a good article re: Ron Paul yesterday in Counterpunch.


Youtube clips of the 1) Hannity run and 2) the crowds on the streets of Manchester protesting the Ron Paul's ban by FOX:


Four months ago I could search for Ron Paul on Google and get 250,000,000 hits, a similar return from Yahoo, Today Google returns 9,000,000, this is up from two weeks ago when it dropped to about 5,000,000.
Yahoo still returns 250,000,000.

I wonder if the Ron Paul people flying the blimp which says "Google Ron Paul" know this?

And as for the ABC in Good ol Oz, a search for Sibel Edmonds returns absolute ZERO!!

After all, it is called a CORPORATION.

Elaine Supkis

I know exactly how it feels to be 'disappeared.' Google definitely does this. For example, at one point, Google made me totally vanish and had pictures of a gagged woman in place of the usual 'image' search! I was horrified. Then, just as capriciously, three months later, my pictures showed up again but only past ones, not anything I have posted since that day.

They pretend they have anonymous searchers filing information. This is a total lie.


Wow the sibel edmonds thing is hot, that really needs pushing!!!!!!!!!


The % of people who obtain their knowledge of the world from TV and deadtree media is decreasing at an increasing rate. In 1968, there were three Gatekeepers in TV and maybe three or four in large cities controlling the editorial and reportorial content of the sources of information for 100% of the population. In smaller towns there was maybe one gatekeeper. In 1988 the number of gatekeepers had grown a bit with the advent of cable TV for the masses, but each gatekeeper had sway over a smaller section of the total audience. In 2008, the number of gatekeepers is now about 15 for that percentage of the population that trusts TV or newspapers or NPR. For the 30-40% who do not even watch TV or subscribe to a newspaper there are a huge number of gatekeepers and we pick and choose amongst them. Applying the "skin in the game" theory, the gatekeepers in the mass media have a lot more at stake as their pie gets smaller and their influence dwindles. So Hannity goes trolling down the street knowing that Dr. Paul's supporters are out there. He also knew that the worst danger he faced was having folks yell rude things at him. Imagine him trying to do that in Kenya or Pakistan.
And while I am venting, what the hell is a Dr. Phil?


I'd say the reason the Hannity Riot wasn't covered is that you see far bigger riots outside Toys-R-Us on the day after Thanksgiving.

The Paultards remind me of the LaRouchers who were around 15 or 20 years ago - totally committed total loons.

"Stan Goff had a good article re: Ron Paul yesterday in Counterpunch."

Stan Goff notes (3rd paragraph): "No one listens to me much..." and then goes on to demonstrate why.

Elaine Supkis

Um, Smith, politics is all about the streets. I know this from life experience.

If Fox wanted this as big news, it would be all over the place.

IT IS NOT. It is nearly totally cloaked by the media. Ron Paul makes all these verminous villains very angry and very scared. And his followers scare them even more.

What if other people get as difficult and angry? I see a very angry crowd looming in the future.


So do the MSM prognosticators but the one they see is the angry crowd that will eventuate if Obama is denied. They do not see a similar crowd if Hillary is denied, or if Dr. Paul is denied.
Watching Hannity do his Troll-walk was fun.
Here in the virtual world we only get to see troll-bashing we never get to see it run away.


"Um, Smith, politics is all about the streets."

Oh, come on - a dozen people in Manchester bitching at Hannity isn't "the streets". Chicago-'68 was "the streets".

Meanwhile, RP polled 7.6% in NH - not exactly a groundswell.

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