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From the website BoingBoing


The logic used against us, the proles, is that if we are innocent then we should have no problem with every phone call, email, purchase, etc. being monitored. Funny how those same organizations we trust to monitor our actions so desperately seek to hide thier own.

Liberal AND Proud

I'm torn between moving to the Netherlands or Belgium.

Any suggestions?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

All great wars end up being fought in the Low Lands. My ancestors fought there and then came here. The blood that has soaked into the soils of those fine lands can be measured in oceans. Like the Holy Land, it seems to be fated to be the scene of tremendous conflicts.

Of course, the hope it that it won't be in the future. But history tells us otherwise.

Note that Belgium can't even vote in a government anymore.


Oh, Gods-'n'-Goddesses... where to start with this?

"The courts were supposed to be established and run as machines that guarantee our civil rights and are supposed to support the BILL OF RIGHTS."

Courts also carve out exceptions to rights, like the cliche about not yelling fire in a crowded theater. The First: "Congress shall make no law..." In this case it appears that Congress didn't make a law, a court granted an injunction.

This whole thing is much less clear-cut than you want to see it. The bank in question is in the Cayman Islands - just a bit outside US jurisdiction. If Wikileaks has evidence of criminal activity, the office of the Comptroller of the Currency may be interested, but if BJB-Caymans has only limited operations in the US, there is only a limited set of actions the Comptroller can take.

Beyond that, the whole area of leaked proprietary information is vexed. Good old friendly hip groovy Appple sues and enjoins people all the time for making Apple proprietary info public. (Yes, the fine folks who make those wonderful iMacs have a security department that verges on the Stalinist. Who knew? That's not what their ads make you think!)

"The order is clearly unconstitutional and exceeds its jurisdiction."

If Wikileaks feels that way, Wikileaks needs to appeal.

There's more on the Wikileaks situation at slashdot:

(Caution: 2-line URL - cut&paste as necessary.)

One of commenters there has an interesting POV:

"RE: But Why? It generates more free publicity and advertising for the bank's tax-sheltering and money-laundering services, with the reassuring message that the U.S. courts are standing behind you should you patronize aforesaid bank. Meanwhile Wikileaks gets to have its operating premises reinforced, play victim, garner more support, funds, etc. So you see, it's a win-win strategy all around."

(Full disclosure: that commenter is NOT me.)


Hey, Elaine... a short while back you mentioned a book titled "Hamlet's Mill". I borrowed it from the U. library last week; I wasn't through the first chapter when I had to get on and order a copy for my own library.

It seems an odd sort book, one of those expositions of a personal theory by an erudite individual who's near the end of a long career (Gregory Bateson's "Mind and Nature" is the same sort of thing.) Be that as it may, it's still very interesting and will fir nicely with the other "origins of consciousness" books on my shelves.

Thanks, Elaine!


L & P: Don't move to the Netherlands unless you are positive you do not move into a New Orleans scenario. If the water levels keep rising to global warming the Netherlands are in a lot of trouble potentially. Dutch people are actually moving to Sweden partly for that very reason...



Between Holland and Belgium; I suggest Belgium.

The traditional Dutch food is worse than the British unless u eat Asian. Note that the Euro is getting stronger against the USD everyday.

When Peak oil and climate change hits, the Dutch would not be able to keep out the sea. Note that most Dutch are not in Holland.

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