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big al

how come you can spell complicated words like differentials, but can't spell dispaTch?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

You see, ALL my readers are my editors! I post half a dozen eggs...er....stories a day. And my feeble eyes miss typos, for example.


Anyway, I appreciate all corrections. Wish this were true across the web. :)

D.F. Facti

Stop making sense, Elaine.

What will the economits write about when the US comes unraveled all the way? How many economists are there in China? Too many here, that's for sure.


"And the psychotic need to repress "inflation" so we can keep interest rates really low."

Remembering some history slightly more recent than the Egyptians...

You will, I'm sure, recall that double-digit inflation was one of the primary factors that made Saint Jimmy a one-termer. Hostages in Iran did him no good, but he could have survived that if he had known dick about managing the economy. It took Paul Volcker, and a few tough years, to get things back on track again. Once inflation is out of the bag, it's difficult to stuff it back in there again.

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