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"All factory workers, across all industries, are being forced back and back and back. They are rapidly losing ground now even if they can't get their jobs exported, the owners of our country simply import more labor, more and more, it just pours in, unstoppable."

Capitalism needs either cheap labor or cheap energy to function. There can be no surplus with which to "reward" the capitalist without one or the other. Of course, they would prefer both. They realize that the age of cheap energy is over and they are doing everything they can to drive down the cost of labor. The Reactionaries (I refuse to call them Conservatives) now in power are doing everything they can to ensure the ability of capitalists to extract value from labor. The Reactionaries will drive down the cost of labor to the point where wages are equal the to cost of sustenance. You will only be able to earn enough to keep you alive. Surplus labor won't even be able to earn that--they will die off.

Nothing will be done about outsourcing, illegal immigration, or low-wage legal immigration until the American worker is reduced to penury and is happy to get any wage at all.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

You are correct, sir.

Thank you for being so clear about it. I try different ways of expressing the same idea, you see, if people see something in a different light it might illuminate something.

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