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Andrew Smith

Elaine, I "own" a two-family (side-by-side) in an eastern suburb of Cleveland. We "bought" it in 2002 and our daughter and her family live on the other side. Its "value" has been appreciating for all this time and is about to increase again, thanks to the street being turned into a cul-de-sac, due to idiots using the street as a cut-out of a traffic light and the subsequent "accidents" at that corner.

I have told my family that the only way I will leave this house is feet first (or head first, if that is easier for the coroner's pickup crew. The impending housing deflation doesn't hurt anyone except those buying or selling.

Property taxes? Of course they're high. But taxes are the dues Americans pay for being Americans. The only people getting a free ride are the obscenely rich, who don't have to pay taxes any more. Maybe we should just tell them to get the hell out if they won't pay their dues. Isn't that what happens when you don't pay your dues to, say, Rotary?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

When people stop buying houses many other seemingly unrelated businesses go belly up.

Buying stops, pretty much, I have seen this before. The effects will be dire this time since this is a nearly 100% "loan shark" economy.

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