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Cassandra had an easy job...

All she needed to do was walk around muttering "Doom, doom" all the time. Since everything eventually goes all to hell anyway (see: entropy), she was never wrong as long as she stayed away from specifics (like who, what, when, how - especially when.)

The Delphic Oracles weren't much given to specifics either. Makes you wonder why the Greeks paid any attention to either of 'em.

"Gimme some news I can use, dammit, or you can do the high dive off that cliff, right into the sapphire-blue Agean. Capeche?"

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Inevitable: what goes up must come down. The higher they fly, the harder they fall.

Many people are keeping the American Titanic chugging ahead even as the waves wash over the prow. We are sinking but can pretend we are not sinking so long as the Chinese want us to think this. The hour they pull our plug, glub glub glub.

Preventing this inevitability means doing smart things now!

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