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"So investors panic and hammer his stock and he is now much poorer."

Poorer? Poor is a somewhat relative notion, isn't it?

Maybe he's just a bit less wealthy...

D. F. Facti

"The news sent its stock on the biggest one-day tumble in more than five years."


I am on the fly and don't have time to read the whole thing, but sanity occasionally assetrs itself.

Exhausted. Non-issue w/ asbestos nearly did me in yesterday. Contractor supposedly to make a bid today which will be bull(edit) I am pretty sure.

The world should know that Home Depot will not lay carpet over asphalt tile, even if it is undamaged like mine. OSHA.

I am back to scraping glue off the tiles. What swell fun.



This is money, not god, who is doing the talking.
Companies have always some build in secret reserves which they use to smooth over their profit. Doing such dumb acts means that the secret reserves of Microsoft are almost completely used up and bad numbers are more likely.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Geeze, Facti....sounds adorable. Is Arthur helping you out?

Accy, this is what all the investors are wondering right now. Some of Gate's ventures are not doing so hot. Like his gaming systems.

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