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d f facti

New paradigm, Elaine. the neocons announced the end of history. Deficits don't matter. hahaha


"They have a lot to talk about. Like how to avoid an ocean of red ink."

Nah - I think they'd rather talk about Nanking. The Chinese are interested in only one thing vis-a-vis Japan: WW II.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Smith, have the Jews stopped talking about WWII yet?

Rodney Reid

Talking to a long lost friend of mine the other night about the deficits with Japan and China, he really tried to get me to stop talking about our trade imbalance.

"We'll just print more money! They have to take our dollars" was his answer.

We're friggen doomed if that mindset has taken over our populace.

Time to stick money in gold again, even if the US is trying to manipulate the price to keep the sheeple stupid as to their own demise.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, that sort of 'we will cheat the Chinese with fake money' attitude is the sort of thing that starts wars.


"Smith, have the Jews stopped talking about WWII yet?"

Not that I've noticed.

I fear that in the year 2525 WW II will still be a lively topic of discussion.

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