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I have always been totally skeptical about the whole concept of 'economics,. It seems to me that people think that by compartmentalizing stuff that only goes on in their own minds, so they can play some kind of phony game. People are induced, by 'education', and media announcements, etc., to think that there is 'a world of finance' that is somehow walled off from a 'world of politics'. Or that 'Gold is very valuable'. Etc. And all this complicated economic malarkey swirls inside their stupid heads as they grope for another loaf of bread.

I always believed that, somewhere beyond this vast mental shell game there must be this 'real world'. Outside of the matrix of the sound and fury of say, Wall Street.

But no. We each must play the Enron Game -- I will never forget the story about how Enron had all these 'traders' in a huge 'center' furiously pounding at keyboards in a total sham that was purported to be their 'trading center' or something. But really, they were not trading anything at all, but just playing what amounted to this huge video game with one another.

Sometimes I want to shout out 'It's the MATRIX stupid!!! But they would just think I was nuts. I wish it was all that simple, really.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Worse, everything goes in cycles! Understanding these cycles hasn't done squat diddley at preventing the downside of cycles.


Because the 'up' side is so much fun, having money accrue magically is so fabulous everyone wants to not look at the obvious downside so when everything goes down, everyone pretends to be surprized and horrified.

This is all pretend. We all know that all things go up and down, over time. Riding the rollercoaster is a tricky thing. This is why it pays off to not go into debt when everyone is rushing to go into debt.


I know that the Bad Days are nearer. It's not like I can't hear the sound in the rails. Not only that, but it scares me that so many people have believed for so long that we can just magically export our factories to the third world, and then just let them do all the work. (What a racket, except it's an idiot's game.) I have suggested to people foolish enough to listen that maybe they should not buy a house on credit, but it was just a bring-down that they didn't want to hear.

These people somehow pretend they deserve Bush, and they sure have tried to live up to that. Gotta give them credit for consistency. Some of these sick puppies will eat me. Maybe if I keep a poison pill handy...


I tried in vain to prevent a good friend of mine and his partner from buying a house last winter. I told him that he could get great deals if he would just wait another year, but he could not wait. He seems to be doing ok, but I am afraid his house may go down in value below the actual loan he took out. I would really hate to see that happen to a friend.

The more you know, the less information you can pass along to others.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The real estate gold rush was fed by the media as well as the sense of unearned wealth that permeated our society. Get rich quick! Thar's gold in them thar houses!

This is why a good government prevents this sort of hysteria by RAISING INTEREST RATES ABOVE INFLATION! This increases savings and cuts down on price spirals as people rush to spend recklessly.

D.F. Facti

A collateral ancestor was a 49er. He parlayed his modest discovery into a butcher shop in Kings County California and evidently paid for a quite lovely cemetery monument for his parents.

His father speculated on the location of the seat of the newly formed Michigan county to which they'd migrated from Ohio in 1830. County seat speculation was a big deal, too, as the west was settled. Another type of land rush. His mother's family was an early part of the Genesee fever land rush in western New York in the 1st 5 -10 years of the 19th Century. (I think) I know lots about that era. The original "Holland Land Company" records are in Amsterdam, copies at SUNY in Fredonia. The founders were smart enough to disallow foreign ownership of land, but the foreigners figured out a way to be de facto owners and get free or cheap labor to clear the land and till the soil. Land agents. Cazenovia I think his name was. Lots of people went west from your neck of the woods in eastern NY seeking agricultural Eden. I think my ancestors were originally from Westchester Co, went up the Hudson to perhaps Albany or Schenectady Co and traveled the Mohawk to Steuben Co then to Genesee and off to the western reserve and a former British fort.

Unfortunately, we screwed up. Sorry, Hiram and Asahel and Abner.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

My ancestors were all the very first settlers here flying on the wings of war and revolution in England. So..the chances of us being related a dozen times over is very, very high, actually. Bet we are related on the German side, too. Eh?

We do think alike. Heh.

Luv ya.

Rodney Reid

Excellent article Elaine,

Especially the line "When everyone reaches as state whereby they can no longer convert their real asset values into gold, we get a depression."

How terribly true and coming to fruition.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thank you, Rodney. I have a lot more to say about all this. Will do so in a few hours.

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