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Every so often, as much as I can, I try to explain to the jolly pirates over at MyDD that the high times of their joyous raids on the Democratic Party are about to end. But they have very little interest in the big financial funnel cloud just ahead. They think Hillary Clinton could be a big problem. I tell them, anyone who has enthusiastically dumped a trillion dollars on the liberation of Iraq will not be seen as a viable anything, much less get to be a "problem," by 2008.

I keep telling them they are going to need General Wesley Clark, because we are going to have a crisis, and maybe we will need a real General.

Another interesting thing. Even though many folks would call me far to the "left" of the MyDD gate crashing hellions, I like a lot of sincere paleo-conservatives. Robert Chapman, of International Forecaster is a really nice, decent paleo-conservative who spent his career life as an investment counselor before becoming a blogger. I love his blog:


And sometimes I am irresistibly drawn to the paleo-conservative ranter and intrepid bullhorner Alex Jones, even if he doesn't put down that bullhorn long enough to get all of his material straight.


I still do not understand how debasing our currency will not hurt the Chinese. Anyone who is the victim of a ponzi scheme usually loses, and for China to be holding all those dollars or T-bills or whatever cannot be good for them. If they could buy US assets, then yes, but they cannot.

And I still do not understand how China will profit from all of this, or how they will get anything at all from what our government is doing to our currency.

Maybe someone here can explain it to me in simple terms. I have given up on the financial websites. Most of them are deluded or even downright criminal, thinking they are going to make a killing off of their investments when the world collapses.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I know the Chinese very well, the leadership, that is.

They lived without money in the past. I remember explaining 'money' to them in 1982. They don't want things out of hand in China so they don't fear a post-SUV McMansion world, they are quite capable of strangling the Golden Goose if it destroys America.


Just like the Saudis love wealth and corruption but it is a Saudi who is deliberately driving us into bankruptcy. He wants Saudi Arabia POORER!

Most people can't accept this truth. We think everyone wants to be the super-rich. This is a false belief and one that will bite us very hard in the future.


Ok, well I think I understand what you are saying. Their forex fund is just a giant WMD that they can unleash on us when they feel the need to.

I am also assuming their industry will not collapse or that they will not suffer civil unrest if their government loses a lot of money.

I did not know Hu and Wen were planning for a poorer China, but that is what Mao wanted, at least as far as the super rich were concerned.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The entire world banking system can collapse if a trillion dollars suddenly try to become half a trillion euros.


Excellent blog Elaine. Few bloggers are addressing this issue. Keep on it. Sadly, the people most adversely affected by these policies will not understand what hit them. Keep educating as best you can.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

thank you, glassishalfempty. Cartooning about money actually amused the hell out of me. It was hard at first but now, with the cast of cartoon characters, it just flies out of my pen.

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