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Rumours are swirling like mad now all over the internet, and "hot" money is flowing in and out of countries so fast they cannot protect their markets from immediate damage.

It amazes me that a huge, never before seen financial crisis overhangs the entire world, and our government still wants to spend money on foreign wars.

They really do believe money grows on trees -- specifically, the ones being hauled into the Federal Reserve Bank daily.

Rodney Reid

This might be the reason for the announcement today of a another carrier strike group going to Iran by March:


Doesn't Venezuela own Citgo?

I don't know how they plan to get me to pay Euros at the pump.

Oh, one more thing Elaine (a techie thing) --- I see the (hearts) as their HTML codes, like:

&hearts this is a link

using the numeric (& #9829;) code works everywhere:

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks, Rodney. I will try to recode my templates (a pain in the ass, of course!).

And we pay Citco in dollars. Only the dollars will buy less and less over time. Called 'inflation'. Should be viewed as 'clipping the coinage' or 'ripping off savers to protect debtors'.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I played around with the code and it doesn't work. Will ask my son about this later, he is the computer trouble-shooter here.

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