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Yes, but. . . . Many foreign companies (like Starbucks, for example) are buying out the shares of their Chinese joint venture partners, so it really is going both ways.

Liberal AND Proud

Yeah, we're really going to bring down the Chinese by denying them Starbucks franchises.

Our next strategic move...McDonalds!!

Elaine Meinel Supkis


And they buy Lockheed-Martin. A fair trade.


"They just took over 100% of Bank of America's Asian holdings, for example."

Took over? I didn't think anyone was nationalizing stuff any more - except for maybe nutjobs like Chavez.

Oh, wait - they actually bought it.

"The two sides inked an agreement worth 9.71 billion Hong Kong dollars in August..."

That's capitalism for you - you develop stuff, and then you sell it to someone else. If you sell it for more than your original investment, we call that "profit". (By the way, profit is good.)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

And when the Chinese have more dollars than you, Smith, they outbid you for everything in the end. Then the profit ends up being theirs.


All this reminds me of the late 70s - mid 90s, back when the Yellow Peril was Japan. Remember that? Seems kinda quaint now, doesn't it?

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