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Buffalo Ken

Immispcrums - I can't believe I'm responding to this, but I "just happened" to come across this video today when I was doing some research at gamespot on the PC game "spore" --- (so far this game seems mainly to be a letdown, because conceptially it offers a lot of possibility but fails in implementation).

Anyhow, you did say college and the Jersey guy in this add is just funny I think.



Buffalo Ken

Incidently, I've played a whole lot of computer games (mainly wargames, strategy, with a bit of adventure for a mix). Anyhow, computer games are truly a great way to learn about history - especially the strategy ones.

Just now I've started playing "1701 A.D." This is an incredible simulation of the Caribbean involving map exploration, settlement development, indigineous communities, trade, rival personalities incuding the "queen", etc. Its a lot of fun, but it does take a bit of time to learn the intricacies. Space Ranger 2 is also a whole lot of fun and the math in that game can be upper level type stuff.

Anyhow, if I was a teacher I'd love to have the freedom to encourage kids who are learning to make use of these kinds of games. Nowadays, I usually just try to skip the "violent stuff" in games, and if a game forces me to be offensive, then I tend not to mess with it (not anymore - some of those wargames used to be my favorite) I still have Strategic Command 2 (WWII-sim) and from a WWII history and military standpoint, this is a great game to learn from.


Buffalo Ken

Incidently, the boardgame "Risk" is also fun, but its not really a good way to learn about history. Maybe Geography. A lot of risk players are there mainly just like the carnage - thats why I play better games now where if someone is all into carnage it often turns abound and bites them in the butt. Agenbyte of inwyt - you know.

Peace and "later" for now,

P.S. I read somewhere that when George Bush was in college he was one these maniac risk players - to the point that nobody else really enjoyed a game when he was in it. That might just be heresay, but I did read it.


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I think about it'll be a wise pick for you personally personally to comply with my assist and advice about how 1 can inform if Uggs are pretend.


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