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And now the USA is going back into cambodia for Oil, and spy bases. Good times good times.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Don't forget the child prostitutes. We need all those things, don't we?


"What this we? white person." Famous Tonto quote removed from Lone Ranger taping many years ago.


So you absorbed the wisdom of the Depression-scarred elder, and it's affected your thinking ever since.

I think the worst effect of the Depression was that too many people ran scared for too long - decades, in many cases. "Take that gold and bury it under the shed - that's the only safe money!"

But there have been market ups and downs since then - October 87, the Y2K dotcom bubble, etc. - which didn't wreck the entire world economy. Stuff goes up, goes down, and goes up again.


BTW, the title is Only Yesterday

Elaine Meinel Supkis

OOPs. Sorry.


"BTW, the title is Only Yesterday"

That's so. nd according to U. Virginia's website, the original was published in 1931 - so for Allen, the events he writes of really were "only yesterday".

There are some grins in this chapter:



It occurs to me that may have been the chapter Elaine's grandfather had in mind when he told her to memorize it.

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