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Ekaine, I am a bit surprised that you don't cite THE basic treatment of this subject.

You know this one, of course?

Mackay, Charles: Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds



"When students go to business school they encounter all these high priests and their mighty numbers and they get converted to the ideology and then they end up with the same belief system and this is coupled with a simple lust to become very rich while merely jiggering some numbers. The messes created by these people constantly cause the same boom/crash cycle we see over and over and over again."

Amen, Sister.

I worked with these people for a long time. Their main preoccupation is not the business enterprise of which they are a part, but their own bank accounts.

Manufacturing companies started down the same path as the financial sector - GE Capital, GMAC, American Airlines at one point spinnig off its investment department and selling its expertise to other companies - all fine if CONTROLLED. But the tail is wagging the dog now.

This destruction has been engineered by the Wharton School, the University of Chicago business school, Harvard, Northwestern, Stanford, etc. Great schools - but tools of the people who have destroyed the social fabric and are destroying the basic infastructure of the United States of America.


I once spent about 5 minutes in an economics 101 class. I got up and left thinking: "This is for the birds," and that was in Germany! If the scientific minded Germans could not convince me that economics was a true science, then who could?

I also discovered that 50% of the students at my small college were econ majors. Most were unintelligent C average students whose only goal in life was to "get rich". They had no other interests other than sports.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I never took an art class nor a business class. Both skills I learned via the School of Hard Knocks. Making money means understanding how money is made.

No Easy Street but the Rocky Road of Life. I highly recommend it. NEVER take financial advice from a kid right out of college.


I do not even want my children to attend college. The cost does not justify a lifetime of debt and misinformation. There are better ways to learning and living.

I sincerely hope they will reject the "go into debt up to your eyeballs because this is the only way to get a job" propaganda that streams out of overpriced universities, which are little more than extended social parties, in my opinion.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

No, they must go to college! I started when only 16 years old. I learned many things there including trying to overthrow several governments. Heh.

What you do with what you learn is a whole different thing but the main thing I learned in college was HOW TO WRITE. More or less.


I am sorry Elaine, but I must disagree with you here. Our children are supposed to learn to read and write in high school. That this does not happen is shameful, especially in light of the barrage of "homework" that kids must do today. (Where is family time?)

If a child cannot learn to read and write at school, then the school is useless. And so will the college be, as the cost of learning to read and write in college is far beyond the average person's ability to pay.

I can teach my children to read and write and think for themselves. This is the duty of all parents. It is not a governmental duty because the government will not do it. It will purposely fail in order to create a perpetual peasant class that will be abused and cheated all their lives by the government and those who control it.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

A high school library is peanuts compared to a college one. And the level of activity is much higher if one is smart and wants to learn.


Both sides of the argument have merit. I agree with Elaine that most university-level education occurs outside the classroom, and what you get out of it is up to you.

But I also know a couple of plumbers who have vacation places in the Carribean - if what you really care about is having nice stuff, you can make plenty of money without a degree.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

um, not any more. Illegal immigration is killing the trades.

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