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D. F. Facti

I see they're recycling the word "exogenous." That was the favorite of WSW guests and CNBC yammerers pre-9/11 and especially pre-March of 2000: "Only some 'exogenous' event can ruin our fun."

They couldn't ever think of anything. 'Guess the master planners had to stage the 'exogenous' event soon into W's coup, before anyone figured out they'd installed a megalomaniacal dope.


An economic weapon, interesting… how about a snazzy title like Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.




"Here is a graph from Financial Sense.com showing how our industrial base/manufacturing jobs collapsed right after 9/11:"

I don't think so.

It looks to me like it shows how our industrial base/manufacturing jobs collapsed between 1979-1983.

And if you're careful about how you draw your vertical lines, you'll note that the collapse you're talking about actually began in late '00/early '01, not "right after 9/11".


The Big Slide started about 1968. Until around 1968, there was a factory around every corner. The Big Slide has been happening ever since. The business of actually making usable stuff has diminished continually since then. It was Japan that started it, then the rest of the world. I do not look at the world through the abstract concept of money and 'value'. If you are not producing something, you eventually will not have anything.

Halliburton is moving too the United Arab Emirates, but nobody I know is. Only the very rich and the very poor can cross our borders on a permanent basis. The very rich are leaving and the very poor are coming. Something about this just cannot add up!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

If you look at the graph, you can see how it goes violently up and down, mostly down. But after 2000, it plunges.

And this is the truth: our draining of jobs has been stupendous this last seven years. If you exclude the Japanese car assembly plants, it is percipitous.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Facti: love your comment, thanks for the reminder. Heh.

Blues: we will be Argentina. Or Russia circa 1995. Terrible conditions.

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