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Heh. Singularity was of course chosen because it is the scientific name of a black hole, correct?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

That is not the only thing it is. The real 'singularity' is the Big Bang itself. Everything else has been replicated.


Re: Canada sales to US

Energy, yes.

Forests, yes. With a heavy penalty due to softwood lumber dispute. Softwood lumber producers actively petition the government for low dollar valuation to overcome the negative effects of American trade tariffs on their products even though Canada has won practically every WTO action against the US on softwood lumber. This has been going on 20-25 years. No love on a weak Loonie though.

Water, No. Specifically bulk water transfers are not allowed at this time. I’m allowed to sell you a case of bottled water though.






There’s a reason these guy’s want to be unknown, they’re risking the wrath of the Canadian federal government and every activist in Canada. Regardless, if it’s true it’s not a true bulk shipment scenario.


***Canada is running in the black and has the #3 trade surplus with the US and its currency, like the yen, is suddenly 'weak'***

Suddenly weak? Ahem…


This exchange rate graph does not support your contention of a weakened Loonie. Hell I know, I buy car parts on Ebay and their much more reasonable than 2-4 years ago.

Not long ago I remember paying around 37% exchange which meant I had to pay $1.37C for every $1USD now it’s approaching parity. That’s strengthening my buying power and reducing your ability to buy my oil.

Neither does this 5 year Yahoo graph


The Loonie is getting stronger, by your contention this restricts exports from the strengthen country. Canadian Exporters are usually wailing that the sky is falling when exchange rates creep up but resources are in demand even with a strong loonie. It’s only Ontario that’s getting nailed by the high dollar, they’re the durable goods province. Softwood exporters had already scaled back due to the softwood lumber dispute so their not making due by the strengthening loonie.

Loonie continues to soar – National Post


Loonie posts highest close since 1978 – Global National


Manufacturers happy despite strong loonie - Canwest



from above:


Sorry bout the segmented post, typepad suspects I'm a spammer

Morrison Bonpasse

Dear Elaine,
You seem to have a good grasp of international finance. What do you think of the prospects for a Single Global Currency, managed by a Global Central Bank within a Global Monetary Union?
The goal of the Single Global Currency Association is 2024. Martin Wolf of the U.K.'s Financial Times, predicts 2055, so 2050 is close.
The benefits of a Single Global Currency, managed by a Global Central Bank, within a Global Monetary Union, will be substantial:
- Annual transaction costs of $400 billion will be eliminated.
- Worldwide asset values will increase by about $36 trillion.
- Worldwide GDP will increase by about $9 trillion.
- Global currency imbalances will be eliminated.
- All Balance of Payments problems will be eliminated.
- Currency crises will be prevented.
- Currency speculation will be eliminated.
- The need for foreign exchange reserves will be eliminated.
Such gains are realistic and attainable if the world decides to pursue them. The monetary unions of Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and Brunei/Singapore have shown the way.
The goal of a Single Global Currency should be announced by the world's financial leaders, including the IMF. Research and planning should begin now.


I think we once had a "global currency". It was called "gold" and/or "silver".

It didn't seem to solve our financial problems, or our desire for creating them.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Every 100 years, the world has an international currency. This is a fancy way of saying, 'whoever rules the 7 seas gets to decide what is money.'

In 1600, it was Spain and the dubloon of gold. In 1700, it was the franc. 1800, the British pound. From 1900 to today, the dollar.

And so it goes: the dollar is dying, The next currency will either be the yuan or the euro. Actually, right now, it is the euro. The dollar is a FICTION just like from 1914 to 1933, the USA pretended the pound was the world's currency. The collapse of the pound started WWII.

Um, this is the problem. Defending the dollar has collapsed and it is intimately connected with our defeats in Asia and the Middle East! When the dollar is dead, we might start WWIII.

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