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Yes, our traitorous leaders should be executed. WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE. But they won't be. Sadly, the purposeful destruction of the world economy, and with it the middle and upper-millde classes, will be accomplished.

I wonder how many billions of dollars Bernanke will print up and give to Paulson's old cronies at GS today?!

And Wolfowitz's replacement is also from Goldman Sachs. Gee, surprise!


don't think world economy will collapse. Take a hit, maybe, but not "destroyed".


"China today just threw a huge spanner into its own stock market and this is now causing a huge wave of flipping and flipping out all over the planet..."

Market's actually up a bit. Guess people haven't been reading CoL News and don't know they should be panicking.


"And Wolfowitz's replacement is also from Goldman Sachs. Gee, surprise!"

You were expecting Segolene Royal?


Follow-up headline:

Bernanke Keeps Printing Money, Triggers New Highs


Just watch, zuraffo. Just watch. If they weren't intent on collapsing the world economy, Bernanke wouldn't have cranked the presses up to Warp 12 on Feb 28. A full correction then would have probably etested the summer '06 lows, and formed a big fat "W" base; that would have made a really nice platform for a few more years of rally. Instead, they short-circuited this process, and engineered this nonsense now taking place, in order to pick the pockets of everyone not in the know. Keep in mind, this was already going to end in disaster; now it's going to end in annihilation. The fascist Bushies know precisely what they're doing; as Elaine has pointed out, the net result will be the serfdom of everyone without blood ties to the current ruling elite.

And the Chinese are fine with it. They figure they can prop us up long enough to build up their own infrastructure and stea enough of the rest of the world's technology to be able to take over the role of world's lone superpower. The crash will end Japan and the US as world powers, and Europe will also be fairly well screwed. But not China!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

China's market went down. The US went up....OIL AND ENERGY as well as the financing of loans (hint: we go deeper into debt). The US market expects the present system to sail on forever with the limit on our IOUs somewhere around infinity.

This is utterly childish. And inflation is roaring except for Japanese cars which is due to the super-weak yen.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

And John, you are correct. Thank you for the information about Bernanke. We can't see them crank up the juice in the Fed until long after they have already done it.

The fundamentals don't change just because we have jumped from a real estate bubble to a stock bubble. This is the order of things when collapses loom. First properties collapse then two years later, the stock market stops soaring and crashes.


Yeah, you're right on the money with this one John. Hey Smith, did you read how they just released Dr. Kevorkian? They must think there will be a sudden demand for his services!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Kervorkian can replace Chertoff.

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