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Inflation is a concern because of the declining dollar. Every first year economics student knows that. The falling dollar is a function of U.S. rates which are artificially low, and kept that way because its the only way to keep the shell game going.

Both of these situations require rate hikes to remedy the imbalances. The loser...housing. Oh wellll. As Elaine says, the home ATM needs to be shut off, and it will. It's not an ATM anyway...its a low cost loan shark. Now it will become a HIGH cost loan shark. The result, consumer debt will have to decline. In the short run, living standards will drop, as people cut corners to make ends meet. If tax relief does not come to the middle, and it won't, then we'll settle into a period of stagnation whose length is determined by whether or not grown ups start to run our economy. Tax breaks might help, but the problem is that they will manifest in more spending, and likely more borrowing. The American people are debt junkies. The real issue is the need to stimulate savings. REAL savings...not simply home equity growth, not simply capital gains, not simply 401k funny money.

There must be incentives to save. Higher interest rates will do that.


"The history of the Federal Reserve by the Bilderberg.org people..."

The Bilderberg.org people appears to be one guy with another strange worldview.

I was looking at John's blog also; I left when I got to the "911 truther" post.

Where do you find these people, anyway?


You know what? Our recent ancestors understood what banks really were and knew all about inflation and deflation.

This is clearly evident in the legal tender cases from the late 1800's. The final Supreme Court case in that matter is well worth reading, as it paved the way for our current system and overturned the Constitutional ban on printing notes and bills of credit. The dissent is even more worthwhile reading, as it is absolutely prophetic. (I can send you a copy if you want, Elaine.)

The issue before the court was whether the government, which had issued emergency notes of credit (money) during the Civil War, could allow private citizens to use those notes to pay for goods and services from other private citizens instead of using real money (gold or silver coin).

The Supreme Court decided that government notes issued during an emergency could be used as legal tender money in payment of obligations incurred between private citizens unrelated to the federal government. It is the most convoluted decision I have ever read.

The dissent is much more clear and understandable, but by this time the Court was mostly owned by corporate interests and only one justice continued to abide by the Constitution. His last few paragraphs describe exactly what is happening today. Pretty amazing for someone who lived 130 years ago.


Anyone who thinks we should go back to gold or silver coins as a method of payment should not be running around without adult supervision.

There is an insufficient quantity of metal money to support an economy the size of the one we have today. You cannot run a multi-trillion dollar economy on pieces of metal - if you want a 19th century payment method, you want a 19th century economy.

Coins were superseded by paper over a century ago; paper has now been superseded by bits: electronic ones and zeros moving at network speeds among various accounts.


I did not say we should go back to gold and silver coins. What I found disturbing is that the Constitutional process for changing the monetary system was simply by-passed or even outright ignored. There was no amendment made to the Constitution to allow the printing of bills of credit.

In a Republic, the citizens are supposed to be allowed to discuss matters of great import on their lives and how they want them resolved. The Constitution provides for this through the amendment process.

Of course, kings, emperors, and plutocrats do not care much for public discussion of matters concerning the monetary system or any other governmental function, so they find other means of preventing this. Means that are usually illegal and illegitimate, if not outright immoral.

You missed my point once again, Smith.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Smith, calling others kooks is odd coming from someone who can't see simple facts.

DeVaul, I LLLLOOOOOVVVEEE the data you send. I still paw through the last report. It was most interesting and still makes me angry, reading the statistics.

The creation of the Federal Reserve (sic) was secret and conspiritorial. It was totally outside the governing process! It was not democratic at all. And it is now a mess because it doesn't reserve anything except for the gold reserves in Fort Knox and the a bank in NYC which was very close to ground zero on 9/11.

The gold bugs happily latched onto the rising value of gold, bless them, because the government needs to make gold valuable so we have half a trillion in troy ounces. This is the only reason why we can get away with only $60+billion in cash reserves. But eventually, the devaluation of the dollar won't be offset by the rise in gold prices.

This happened in the 1970's. Volker finally raised interest rates high enough to be meaningful.



Here you go; I updated that blog post just for you, sweetie.

JSmith seems to be fairly adept at missing the point. But that's his prerogative.


The only answer for the USA's future that holds any promise for the average person will be communism, not that it is what I would prefer, but it looks to be the only solution. Of course, the Bilderbergs
(this site seems informative:
) would never allow it.

Most Americans would prefer that our police and secret service personnel would not go to the expense of guarding these elitishes. If they knew enough to hold any real preferences about anything, that is.


Here's a question, not on the topic of this post, but definitely on the topic of the corruption of the government and the wealthy elites.

If the options backdating issue was/is a problem due to it cheating the shareholders, as is commonly proffered, then why does the settlement involve paying millions in fines to the GUB'MINT, as opposed to a payment made to the shareholders of record during the time the infractions occured?

Oh, I know the answer; I'm just throwing it out there for thought.



The above issue is why communism doesn't work either. The problem is allowing ANY bastion of concentrated power to be open to human beings. Whether it's the power of crony capitalism or the power of communism makes no difference. The fact is that the limited government set up by the American Constitution is the only system that gives those not in power any sort of a fighting chance.

When you shift from capitalism to communism, a different set of bad people take control and oppress everyone else. That's the only difference. The solution is to keep the government very limited in its power, to where all it can really do is pave roads, hang streetlights, defend the borders and throw miscreants in prison for harming others, be they purse-snatchers or captains of industry.


Look John, I am a pretty damn serious political blogger (and other-type blogger too), so, of course I am not going to stumble into the little libertaresque hole that you have dug and subsequently fallen into yourself. Even though you may insist it's "Where It's At". (Sorry if that sounds a tad harsh.) I have devoted my entire life doing what? (Give me a moment...) Oh yeah, fixing circuit boards, developing new mathematical systems, new theories of grammar, but mostly, studying the nature of power relationships. (I also have done fairly extensive mind expansion expeditions, involving Lao Tzu, Mexican Amerinds, mescaline, etc.) Now, this little piece I am doing here looks to be centered around the nature of power relationships. And so we thereby find ourselves smack in the middle of a very tricky mindfield indeed.

Here's a thing I did that I've mentioned before at this blog. Once upon a time long ago, in a galaxy far, far away (Danbury Connecticut, late '70s) there was a very odd little "commune" called the Royal Embassy of OO-AH Land. They had absolutely no rules to speak of, save for a semi-formal, yet semi-fanatical work ethic. Nobody was in charge. It was the ideal libertaresque little paradise. They did smoke a fair amount of pot (though I did not, I merely conducted monthly mescaline pilgrimages). (Pot can be very helpful to people who have an assortment of ailments that nothing else can alleviate, and is very useful to persons addicted to harsher chemicals during those gut-wrenching, yet inevitable, down-times. But, used daily, it induces subtle altered state that I find unappealing.) Now, despite the fact that there were no rules, nor rulers, the thing that is the inconvenient little secret known exclusively, yet universally, to those who have participated in these little home-made reality shows came to haunt our little mutopian Royal Embassy. Namely, an in-group evolved rather quickly. Now here's the thing that stunned the shit right out of me: this little dictatorial in-group, of about 20% of residents, was composed exclusively of young people who's families were from upper middle class families, while the other 80% were from po'bucker families. (Check for the precise meaning of "po'bucker" in the essay Escape from AntiSlackLand.) (By the way, I hope to have my own Slackful "political" HEEHEEHEE!!! site up soon: dailytrough.com) Now get this (!) — this upper middle class 20% took over ("informally") because they "knew" they were better than the rest of us!!! It was not about money or politics in any direct fashion whatsoever!!! It was all about psychology!

If you (REALLY) study enough linguistics, you come to understand that economists and political "scientists" are nuts. Everything really orbits around political psychology, which only tips it's clawsome hand when you study linguistics. An example of how weird psycholinguistics really is: Look at how infinitives are formed in 100 languages, and you will find a few absolute Iron Laws. Then look at a 101th language, and see that those laws get tossed right out the window, even though that weird exception is a major Romance language. My point here is that if you really think you have uncovered some "Iron Law" of psychopolitics, you are sure to be tripped up on some sunny morning when it suddenly collapses at you feet.

Like all empires (Elaine so loves this phrase), the Royal Embassy of OO-AH Land disintegrated. This was merely a minor inconvenience for the prole 80%, but an absolute calamity for the upper middle class 20% usurpants!!! What happened was, we built businesses; first a nature-food store, then a nature-food restaurant (these evolved into quite separate entities). Being actual businesses and all, they had managers. So what happens next? The "managers" decide they are really "owners" (despite that the commune really built the physical structures.) Hell, I did all the wiring. I even fought to set up a heavy-duty ground for all the brushed steel work areas — for which I was vindicated when a 220 volt dough-kneading machine shorted out — sparks all over the place — but the grounding probably saved four lives. Next stop: The two "owners" sold these businesses for big bucks! Tragedy of the frickin commons! This made the upper middle class 20% usurpants go completely nuts! They literally panicked! The only "solution" that would supposedly allow them to save face was to do something utterly diabolical. Enter me, prole extraordinare, recovering autistic guy who couldn't write or type (this was then, but I can type slowly now — but I still have only a fourth-grade education). Well these upper middle class 20% usurpants played me right into their diabolical hand. We incorporated the whole place. I dictated (being a born dictator, and also a compulsive reader who knew all the incorporation laws) the Charter for the new (drum-roll!!!) Royal Embassy of OO-AH Land, Inc. Then they made me it's president.

They thought that, being a recovering autistic guy, they knew they could control me. But... They misunderestimated me by a light-year. The Charter I had gifted them was more convoluted than any insurance policy you ever saw. One board member went on vacation, and then our lawyer sadly proclaimed that if I myself simply refused to attend a meeting, they lacked a quorum, and could do nothing whatsoever! I promptly threw out all the business owners, and the upper middle class 20% usurpants as well. But then I screwed up Royally! I got these poor bastards returning from 'Nam to replace the miscreants, and they were mostly very nice guys. Except that they had post traumatic problems on steroids and started a micro-Vietnam war! Like with rifles and live ammo... I almost got my head shot off when one of them woke up in some kind of a fit and shot a bullet through his wall, missing my head by two feet as I was walking down the hall.

Like Elaine always says, all empires die. But my point here is that all political and economic theories die too, sooner or later.



Taken as a reply, that made no sense whatsoever, nor did I find it to be at all relevent.

And there is nothing libertarian about a commune, unless you're presenting it in contrast to the national government under which it operates.

Let's try this again.

The less power is able to be concentrated in a limited group of hands, the beter off the overall society will be. I see nothing in your anecdote to dispute this assertion. Communism, cronyism, aristocracy: all are the same. All place absolute power in the hands of those humans who manage to fight/cajole/worm their way into position of dominance.

Limited representative republic, properly sublimated to the rule of law: show me a better system for insuring that the evil are kept in check, that does not itself become a facillitator of said evil.


I know this will be hard to accept, John, but there really is a real world out there, filled with real people. Sure, you can have theories about what you think would be best for them, and those theories might even be of considerable value.

What I try to illustrate is that the greatest order of social battle falls in its tracks upon first contact with real life.

There is really only one enduring theory that has any chance of success. The only possible way to achieve a just and stable society is to teach all the citizens that life is the process of change. And though we can never know what those changes will be, we must always be prepared to adapt to them.

There is NO simple axiom nor principle that can solve the human dilemma, except the precept that we must ever be flexible.

Here is a little wisdom that is infinitely simple, yet impossible to learn. Yet in real life, it yields always the proper outcomes!


Taoism — Abstracts

The Characteristics of the Perfect Man

Nan-yung Khû said, "And are these all the characteristics of the Perfect man?" [see also Nan-yung Khu is Granted Instruction by Lao-tzu].

Lao-tzu replied, "No. These are what we call the breaking up of the ice, and the dissolving of the cold. The Perfect man, along with other men, gets his food from the earth, and derives his joy from his Heaven (-conferred nature). But he does not like them allow himself to be troubled by the consideration of advantage or injury coming from men and things; he does not like them do strange things, or form plans, or enter on undertakings; he flees from the allurements of desire, and pursues his way with an entire simplicity. Such is the way by which he guards his life."

"And is this what constitutes his perfection?" "Not quite. I asked you whether you could become a little child. The little child moves unconscious of what he is doing, and walks unconscious of whither he is going. His body is like the branch of a rotten tree, and his mind is like slaked lime. Being such, misery does not come to him, nor happiness. It has neither misery nor happiness; - how can he suffer from the calamities incident to men?

He whose mind is thus grandly fixed emits a Heavenly light. In him who emits this heavenly light men see the (True) man. When a man has cultivated himself (up to this point), thenceforth he remains constant in himself. When he is thus constant in himself, (what is merely) the human element will leave him, but Heaven will help him. Those whom their human element has left we call the people of Heaven. Those whom Heaven helps we call the Sons of Heaven. Those who would by learning attain to this seek for what they cannot learn.

Those who would by effort attain to this, attempt what effort can never effect. Those who aim by reasoning to reach it, reason where reasoning has no place. To know to stop where they cannot arrive by means of knowledge is the highest attainment. Those who cannot do this will be destroyed on the lathe of Heaven.


DeVaul: "There was no amendment made to the Constitution to allow the printing of bills of credit."

Didn't need to be. The question turns on Article 1, Section 8 and the "original intent" (read: state of mind) of the framers. The constitution gives Congress the power "To borrow money on the credit of the United States" and "To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers". That's all that's required.

John: "Here you go; I updated that blog post just for you, sweetie."

You didn't have to go to all that trouble - but I guess you finally had a reader. You said: "I'm open to a rational explanation; what are those puffs shooting out of the sides of the towers, if not demolition charges? No, really; what are they? Explain it to me in a way that makes sense from a physics standpoint."

Here you go.


(If you really had an interest in "a rational explanation" you could found that for yourself quite easily.)


Hmmm. Yeah, I'm familiar with pancaking, and the fact that dust would shoot out of a building as it collapses. Thanks for the insult to my intelligence.

If the puffs shot out as the collapse occured, that would be one thing. But they immdediately preceeded it. Puff-puff-puff-puff-DROP...your link doesn't really convince.

But as I said, I really don't know what happened. I'm not convinced it was demolition charges, either. However, the smugness of those who believe as you do is not a point in your favor.

I don't really look for readers, but if you scrolled down far enough, you'd see that folks from all over the world have peeked in from time to time. I updated the post because if one person said it, others thought it, so it warranted addressing.


Hey John:

If I activate my new 'political' blog I am going to need some surefire methods for keeping readership down to a select few, to keep the bandwidth in line. I already thought of going the Apocalyptic route, but the whole frickin internet is 99% apocalyptic. Just type some random letters into Google, see where it leads, repeat 10 times. See! Nine out of ten are as Apocalyptic as hell. Or else, maybe you know of some scam I can run on my 'readers' that would pay for the bandwidth?


I'm not particularly apocalyptic; unfortunately, I'm a hardened realist, and the numbers add up to we're screwed. So the pollyannas all think I'm apocalyptic. *shrug* Their problem, not mine.

I've never had a problem with bandwidth on Blogger, and Andrew Sullivan has linked to me three different times, each causing several thousand visitors in the day it happened. (My site counters have all been redone since then, which is why they don't show very large numbers.)

Now, you can sign up for Google ads, and you can also go to Amazon.com and sign up for their referral program; I really need to sit down and actually put up an online reading list for mine. But both of those have the potential to put a little coin in your pocket for your trouble.

BTW, I'm a Taoist myself, so I really didn't need the lecture. I don't recognize any sort of Taoist "religion;" to make a religion of Lao-Tzu is, to me, to completely miss the mark. I sit for a half-hour every day, I consult the I Ching daily, and I try to stay in the present as much as I can. I'm really not too interested in going much further, as I find this practice to be sufficient to bring me eventually to non-duality. My fave version of the Tao Te Ching is by Red Pine. I also highly recommend Alfred Huang's I Ching and Eckhart Tolle's Power Of Now. Additionally, I like David R. Hawkins' writings, but you've got to step right over all the applied kinesiology stuff; as a scientist, he's been trying to "prove" spiritual matters, which is a contradiction in terms; God cannot be proven and to try is to stray from the Truth, IMNHO. However, the parts of his writings that simply deal with his own subnjective experiences of non-duality are priceless, and well worth perusing.

Best of luck in your political blogging; I'm sure we'll probably disagree on 90%+ of the issues (I personally find Lao-Tzu to be exceedingly libertarian), but that's what this dualistic realm is for, now isn't it?


Regarding the inside job number that was pulled on 9/11, there is, as Elaine has said, quite a bit of weirdness all around. (It was a magical number day for sure.) United Airlines Flight 93 (which was mistakenly shot down over Pennsylvania, short of its alleged target, the Capital where Congress was in full session), was loaded with impossibilities. I used to fix ancient cell phones the size of WW II walkie talkies. They dynamically compensate for signal strength by raising or lowering their power output. People tried to repeat the feat of sending cell phone calls from small private prop planes to places where Flight 93 passengers are alleged to have called ("Let's roll"?). 99% of the time, this failed at a mere 2000 feet (if memory serves...). The prop planes were clad with fabric, not attenuating aluminum. The reality is that the cell phone repeater sites have sophisticated tuned antennas that push their signal into a muffin-shaped pattern. Any spectrum analyst (I've been one) would tell you that all major RF signal sources are tuned, because it is the only way to avoid mutual interference. (Sidebands and extra noise generated by sharp cutoff power transistors mandates this.)

Then the Pentagon hit. Only a handful of 'witnesses' saw any 'plane'. None of the many Orwellian cameras watching the scene seem to have seen one, though. Hmm?

WTC Building #7 went down in classic controlled demolition style five minutes AFTER the BBC did a video (which I have) announcing this!

Finally, the ultimate symbol of American society, the Twin Towers themselves suffered a most peculiar fate. I saw them go up myself in the late '60s, and although they looked rectangular on the outside, they were really pyramidal, the lower floors being crammed with extra support beams, 198 elevators at the bottom of each (with about half that in the middle section), plumbing, cabling, etc., etc. So even if the building had completely 'pancaked' this iron pyramid should have remained. Dust collected by tenants nearby has been shown to contain barely visible metal spheres composed of just the combination of Iron, aluminum, and sulfur that would indicate they were the product of a thermate reaction.

There remains at least one very strange thing about the Twin Towers destruction, something you will not (yet) see discussed in the millions of 9/11-Truth posts. I call it the Popcorn Effect. Unlike Building #7, The damned buildings dropped from top-to-bottom, not bottom-first. Quite strangely this Popcorn Effect ensued, whereby the tops did not 'pancake' one little bit, but exploded UPWARD, as if the concrete was saturated with nitroglycerin. Most strange, that.


"Thanks for the insult to my intelligence."

Any time. It's just another service we provide.

"I'm not convinced it was demolition charges, either."

An unaddressed problem with the "demolition" theory is that there is a great deal of preparation done to a building that is to be taken down with explosives - you don't just bring in some plastic explosive, put it on some structural members, and set it off.

There's several weeks worth of weakening some parts of the structure, actually reinforcing other parts, placing detcord (the bemcutter of choice), etc., so it comes down the way you want it to. It is not conceivable that occupied buildings like the WTC group could have been set up for controlled demolition without the work being noticed.

Here's a company that does that sort of work:


"However, the smugness of those who believe as you do is not a point in your favor."

Why not? Some ideas are just wrong.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The WTC collapsed because of the hyper-weight of the upper stories crushed the lower layers. Unlike any previous building fire, this one had a huge jet crash which broke the steel supports on one side.

I have been to more than one highrise demolition. The sound of the explosives going off is a sharp snapping sound you can hear A MILE AWAY as clear as thunder.

The WTC didn't have this. It had that creepy sound we demolitionn people know so well: the creaking, cracking sound of steel breaking. It is very noticeable. More than once in my life, I had to run like hell when I heard this queer noise. In the films by the French photographers, they hear this creaking, breaking sound and a minute later, the building collapses.

When I saw this on TV, I said to my husband, this is obviously the steel giving way.


Elaine, ordinary demolitions do not use thermate. What they do is fire projectile cutting wedges made of some super-heavy, super-hard material (say a chromium alloy) into the beams (obliquely, so they slide apart). Obviously, this makes a hell of a racket. However, if thermate is used, it would make very little sound. Thermate does not work by slamming into the beams. I have witnessed it myself, and it sounds not so much like a shot, as like a sort of super-duper match-head. Whatever sound is produced would come from electrical discharges within magnesium accelerator squibs that act as detonators. Then the super-fine aluminum with iron oxide powder quickly gets white-hot, and cannot be effectively contained by anything short of fire-brick. Thermate also contains sulfur, which lowers the melting point of steel.


"Unlike any previous building fire, this one had a huge jet crash which broke the steel supports on one side."

And this is the problem that I have with the whole 9/11 thing. The top parts of the towers above the impact area should have fallen over in the direction of the destroyed beams and supports.

The pinpoint precision collapse of these buildings that were hit by flying projectiles is just too much to believe.

Is this what happens to other highrise buildings when a cruise missile or other type missile hits them? I sure would like to know.

Smith: I wrote a rather detailed post replying to your attempt to misdirect the issue above about amending the Constitution, but it did not get posted.

Suffice it to say that the issue is not the right of the government to borrow money. It is the right of the government to print money and declare it legal tender in payment of all debts, public and PRIVATE.

It has no such authority.

The framers debated the issue at length and then voted on it. The measure to allow the government to print money was soundly defeated. Their "intent" was clear as day.

This clear intent was upheld by many courts during the first half of the 1800's. The issue only came up again seriously during the Civil War, when the Union ran out of money. The case I am sending to Elaine deals with the aftereffects of that matter, among other things.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The weight of the top floors which were much, much, much bigger than ANY building in the WORLD even today!---was so great, the tops didn't fall sideways, there was so much mass on the opposite side, they fell straight down.

And I have never seen a demolition using any variety of explosives that didn't have the loud sounds explosives make!

The WTC GROANED AND CREAKED. It made this disgusting noise all construction people fear and know all too well: the sound of all the structure giving way!

ALL DEMOLITIONS USING HIGH EXPLOSIVES WORK ON THE BASE< NOT THE TOP! The collapse of the WTC was from the top down, not from the base up.

This simple fact is nearly impossible to convince people with zero experience with demolition. I knew the WTC very, very well. I watched it being built and I know some of the builders. It had more cement in it than any TEN mega-towers! They were huge, much huger than anything before or since.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

OK: time to tell a real story.

I am a 'psychic'. I see the future. This can be distressing. Indeed, it makes me very unhappy when it happens. But it happens.

I saw the WTC buildings destroyed August 15, 2001. In a dream. My Watchers wanted me to 'see' something so they took me (flying off the coast of NYC) and showed me a big black cloud over the WTC. It looked like a tornado.

I yelled, 'Is that a tornado?' but being Watchers, they couldn't tell me details. One pointed north up the Hudson River valley.

"Did the storm come from there?' I asked. They shook their heads (they are sort of like vultures). "Are people going to die?' I demanded in rising fear.

They nodded. I looked again and watched the buildings turn to dust. I screamed and woke up my husband. I told him about the dream and he said, "I hope this is a normal nightmare.'

The jet hijacked by Atta flew over my house as I stood outside. I said, 'Wow! That American Airlines jet is flying damn low!' I could see it clearly. Only the military flies low over my roof!

It then suddenly turned and headed down the Hudson River. "That's strange,' my husband said. "It didn't go to the Albany Airport!'

I said, 'It came out of Boston. No Boston flights to NYC go this route.' We were very puzzled. So I wrote to a BBC reporter I knew, telling him this: "I think NYC will be attacked today.''

As soon as I mailed it, my daughter called and yelled to me to turn on the TV. I did , took one look and began to try to call the FBI. I knew there were more killers out there because I suddenly 'saw' them.

My husband said, 'Don't bother. They want this attack to succeed.' I was tearing at the phone. I then looked at the TV and said, 'The towers will disintegrate.' Then I 'saw' the people jumping...from their point of view.

At that point, I was on the floor banging my head on it and wailing. Each death tore through me. I went outside and met two Japanese nuns and when I told them what was happening, they said, 'This is the beginning of WWIII. We must pray the Lotus Sutra until the towers fall."

We were praying when someone came in, yelling about the towers falling. Junsan turned to me and said, 'Elaine-san, you must not talk to your Watchers so much.' I said, 'They come to me, not the other way around.'

We know that there were no explosives in this attack. There was lots of 'magic' and 'religion'. The numbers were chosen for magical reasons. Ditto the date. And Bush and Cheney and all knew all this would happen and the CIA is deeply involved in all this and it was a conspiracy to drive us into war and Mossad was involved and even more: this was all a Big Event the Magicians wanted and prayed for and this is why they were all so happy when it happened.

But...NONE OF THEM EXPECTED THE WTC BUILDINGS TO COLLAPSE! None of them. When this happened, they all flipped out! Bush had to run off to Orrfutt AFB to HIDE!!! He was SCARED SILLY!

Nor did they expect the Pentagon to be attacked. This is why they just sat there as the attack happened. The forces at work here were much, much bigger than our government. Bin Laden lives in the Outer Darkness and he tapped directly into it for this attack which is why I was able to 'see' it before it happened.

And I wasn't the only person to do this. Several people 'saw' it too and bin Laden even chortled about this. There were several manifestations of this event in things like a card game, for example.

People wanting to imagine the lunatice running America wanted to destroy the WTC are being silly. It was unnecessary. So why do it? It almost destroyed Bush, you know. There was talk in the Halls of getting rid of him three days after 9/11, especially in the dark halls of the CIA.

The madness surrounding 9/11 are playing out in horrible ways. The '9/11 Truth' people are possessed by the forces of the Outer Darkness and they are dangerous and I think, insane. They won't listen to me any more than Bush listens to my warnings.

This is very creepy and is connected with WWII and some very dark things in there: Hitler's strange relationships with the Entity. It needs people who want explanations for everything.

The collapse of the WTC is a mystery but not a simplistic one but complex. I have done exorcisms of buildings where death has taken hold. It is very dangerous. One of them, Hoch Hall at the University of Kansas, was destroyed by lightning bolts, for example.

Humans don't want to think about the Outer Darkness because it is directly hooked into our own psyches and fates. So most people ignore it. But it is there. Tolkien talked about it. Indeed, when a professor who knew me since I was a child, gave me a copy of Tolkien's lectures on this topic, I was amazed and horrified.

Some one else could 'see' it! But then, so could others. I have met people who are touched by it and can sense it. But my senses are sharp because of being hit by lightning several times. Lightning is very much a part of the Outer Darkness.

That place is where all things become one: hot and cold, big and small, dense and thin. Time stops and time runs both directions. It is most peculiar. I don't recommend visiting this place.

The WTC was very dense and it then turned suddenly into dust. Even the metal structures that survived the initial collapse suddenly turned to fine powder! This element alone is a sign this moment was an Outer Darkness event.

When the dust was sucked underground, I shuddered. It should be obvious to anyone.

And all this is meaningless. The Event happened. And it pushed WWIII much, much closer. And I bend all my will to preventing this Event. It is much, much worse than the WTC Event! It is The End.

How foolish.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Entity wanted to kill all humans and Hitler tried his damnest to do this. When we ended WII by calling upon the forces of the Outer Darkness, It was overjoyed.

Only we refused to use more nukes. Since then, everyone has armed themselves with a huge number of nukes and the Entity wants us to use these nukes. And It bends Its dark will towards this.

One thing about demons: they know we love money and they use this against us. I was amazed how they use this tool...they tried it on me when I was in the Outer Darkness, messing up their plans for the future.

But most people who call upon them WANT money and power! And are happy they will get it. And this is why we have been moving towards WWIII relentlessly. Each day is a battle to prevent this event.

And the two nations who can make this happen are Russia and America. And many small nations like Israel, for example, are willing to start WWIII in order to win something they want. And millions of Christians pray for this day!

Fatalistic Buddhists assume this will happen. And this is why I talk about Pegasus. He doesn't want war. He wants us to have music, art, dance, science and poetry. And drink wine and have sex. Gads! What more do we want, anyway?

That is what I want.


Hmm. Well, you do know more about these things than I do, so I will accept your explanation for why the towers collapsed straight down. Of course, if some kind of black magic was at work, then anything is truly possible. I too wondered about all the steel beams. Where were they?

I remember seeing the large black cloud over New York. It is truly an errie sight. It seems to engulf the entire city.

Then again, I have always considered New York to be an evil city. So much evil emanates out from that pit of snakes that most people could not possibly look upon it all and accept it as true.


Very, very interesting, Elaine. It fits in with a lot of my wordless intuition.

As for myself, I have a tremendous natural ability, but very little control over it. Hopefully some day I will find the teacher I have sought my whole life.

The Pegasus Plan sounds like a winner to me, too.



A rational explanation and an occult explanation are by no means mutually exclusive.


I think you will need to loose your ego. A trip to and in New Mexico might help. Just my take on it.


Maybe you might think of going to New Mexico with John.


Cut the Apocalyptic shit and try to smile a little more. There is always Surfing The Apocalypse!


I guess I just run on different tracks from most everybody. I think most of the players here also run on different tracks, probably not mine. I think Elaine runs on very different tracks. But I guess it's all good — until it isn't, I guess.

I am quite sure that thermate and something like dynamite were built into the Twins during their construction. Maybe it was just an insurance policy in reverse, taken out by "somebody". "Somebody" who anticipated a big insurance settlement down the road. Around 1971 or so, a friend and I took the amazing elevator to the top of the first tower and observed the construction of the second tower. The elevator ride was a bit pricey, but not long after we reached the top, I dragged him back into the elevator and got the hell out. I sensed the presence of several kinds of explosives, and it freaked me out totally. My friend thought I was loosing it. I'm sure that almost nobody knew this had been done, and possibly it had been forgotten altogether.

Everything in the world is embedded with occult forces. Even the plainest folks are surrounded by it. But they just ignore it.


"Maybe you might think of going to New Mexico with John."

I like New Mexico. My family vacationed there often.

"I am quite sure that thermate and something like dynamite were built into the Twins during their construction."

I've heard that before, and I think it's it's the very best WTC "demolition" theory in terms of sheer lunacy. The version I heard was that the towers were mined for demolition during construction on Nixon's orders because in the tumult of that period he anticipated needing a "Reichstag fire" moment, but he didn't have the guts to pull the trigger. So it was all there, waiting, in case some future president needed it.

And when Bush/Cheney took office and learned about it 30 years later...


Hey Smith, you said:

««"I am quite sure that thermate and something like dynamite were built into the Twins during their construction."

I've heard that before, and I think it's it's the very best WTC "demolition" theory in terms of sheer lunacy.»»

This is most interesting. I am not a psychic like Elaine (possibly a self-eulogism?). You probably know I've been to shamen. Well, everybody's a frickin kook, right? (Little spot of wisdom there.) Humor me on this one. How many thought the means of destruction were built into the towers? Was there anything unusual about them? Did they have any connection at all with the WTC, or its destruction? (No specifics, please!)

I took the fantastic elevator to the top of the first building, and witnessed the second one being erected. Manhattan is a cosmic trough of architecture and humanity! The elevator trip was surprisingly expensive. After about one minute of gawking at Manhattan, I physically yanked my friend back into the down elevator, exclaiming "We've got to get the fuck out of here"! And that's not at all like me. I very seldom need to apply physical force. So humor me. Who thought that, and what kind of people were they?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Human structures and I have a bizarre interface: I hold the world's record for direct lightning strikes while inside houses. Twice, the bolts had to find interesting ways to find me. No open windows or doors.

Near misses: a lot of those. I have lightning insurance for my electronic stuff because of that.

About the WTC: many people dear to me including my own family, worked there. One day, back in 1988, I went into the building and begged everyone I knew to please leave. In tears. They all left so no one I knew died that day. One kid who I knew got a job there in August, 2001. I said, 'Please stay away, that place is the target of a lot of malice.' He thought I was silly.

He survived but was hit by a woman's thigh as he ran away. He had to be hospitalized and gradually recovered. He won't work in big buildings anymore.

9/11 was done by humans. They used various schemes and tools. But the effects of 9/11 surpassed everyone's plots and desires. This is why I call it an Outer Darkness moment. Something very out of control is at work here.

I believe in the Fates and Furies. I have some acquaintance with these dire ladies. They weave our futures and we think we have 'free will' but this is an illusion. We can make choices but we often choose the wrong thing because we want to choose the wrong thing. This is the perveristy of humanity. And it is very wry, watching this happen.

So I am assuming the Fates take this human impulse into consideration when they lay out our futures. So to cross them means to do things we DON'T want to do! And that, we all know, is nearly impossible. If we imagine we have free will.


"You probably know I've been to shamen."

Is that near Albuquerque?

"Who thought that, and what kind of people were they?"

The sort who will believe almost any damn thing. Maybe you're acrophobic. That kind of height can be unsettling.


««Maybe you're acrophobic.»»

If so, it's something new. When I was a kid, I collected alley cats. They are really wild animals that have the astounding distinction of resembling tame ones. If you corner a rat, it will charge at you in a rather shocking manner. A cat, however, especially an alley cat, will hiss like mad, growl significantly, then take a vicious swipe at you. I am writing this just for you, Smith, because I know how you treasure useful information, and I don't want to be counted with those who have never gifted you anything.

Getting back on-topic (what was the original topic of this thread? Am I in violation of something? Then again, how could I not be?), the point is to seize the cat in mid-swipe, effectively gaining a full Nelson on it. This by itself, will nowhere near suffice, as the cat will rip the flesh from your arms with its rear claws unless you either yank it forward or hold it dangling at a considerable angle from the neck down. From this point on, if you only keep your arm exactly perpendicular to that cat's neck, you are basically good to go. Deviate left or right even an inch and a swift back leg claw will instantly inform you of your folly.

So to make a long story short HEHEHE!, this alley cat which I had been pursuing for months looks to be trapped at the end of a wooden porch, five floors above a cobblestone drive (real cobblestones!). What it does is, well I would never have anticipated this, since I know they will seldom try to jump above about two stories, it did a complete 180, diving into an open-ended crawlspace. What was I to do? I just did the same 180 and went in after it, then cornered and snatched it. I still had to crawl back up around the 180, but with only one hand (the other being occupied by the snarling cat). Which, to make a long story short, I did.

So maybe I'm not all that acrophobic.

As an extra added bonus, allow me to suggest the greatest book ever written, not from a religious, or literary, or whatever, perspective. It doesn't need those attributes. It just has that pure greatness, y'know? Check out:

Entertainment Weekly

Barnes & Noble


So now you can't say I never did nothin for ya.



I think you will need to loose your ego. A trip to and in New Mexico might help. Just my take on it.

I think you need to quit presuming to speak down to others. Lose your own ego; then you can make your assault upon mine.

Scolding from the Buddha I'll take; from my fellow students in this world? Not so much.


««I think you need to quit presuming to speak down to others. Lose your own ego; then you can make your assault upon mine.»»

I asked first. Therefore I have dibs. I knew it has pretty much hopeless anyway; Why would you expect me to not be presumptuous? After all, I am a daemon (a blue dragon, in fact), like almost all the rest of us. The difference is, I know it. But I managed to throw off the daemon for a spell, allowing my true self to emerge. It's back to daemon for now, which is not so bad, once it knows what it is. In fact I knew this would raise your hackles and your ruff would go up. However, I my advice well intended, and I sincerely hope you will even be thankful to me someday for fooling you.

I hope you are enjoying the cat I set upon you. I anticipate that it will serve you well. It will never harm you. Speaking of which, I met a rather powerful Mambo in an elevator, and we exchanged pleasantries, without bringing up the obvious. This was merely days after she had cast the dark eye upon me, which is not any cause for regret at all. The thing I most love about the Vodou religion is their endless heart to go for that Hail Mary shot!


"I hope you are enjoying the cat I set upon you."

We already have three cats. I hope it gets along well with the current crew.

"It will never harm you."

No worries. Cats like me.



We all need to lose our ego. In fact, it is the task of this place.

I say this, not out of any ideas of informing you, but rather as acknowledgement.


"We all need to lose our ego."

That is interesting. An old friend and roommate once sprang out of his chair in total exhasperation with me because I could not follow his "concern" about who held more power in a relationship that he had barely begun with another woman.

He stood over me and pointed to me and said: "You know what your problem is? You have no ego! You do not even know what it is! That's your problem. That's why you cannot understand what I am talking about."

It was true that I did not know what an ego was, at least not from a psychological perspective. I knew nothing about Freud and psychology in general, whereas my friend had stacks of books on that and philosopy and self-help books of all kinds.

Others said the same thing about me, until one day an old family friend told me that I did have an ego. I asked her what it was, since I really wanted to know. She said: "Your confidence is your ego." She went on to say that she always envied my confidence. I was really surprised by this, as I had never given it any thought.

From my own perspective, I take a long time to decide what I will do, but when I do make my decision, I follow it to the very end. Sometimes things work out as planned, which is great! Other times things take a strange detour due to fate, which is beyond our control.

When you start something, you should be prepared beforehand to finish it, and it must be the right thing for you to do.

I have no idea how we will all lose our egos, or even if such a thing is possible. It might not even be the right thing to do.


Even if you lose your ego, you're still a bundle of id functions.

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