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frijoles junior

The total debt column doesn't directly reflect what you found most interesting about it. I'd suggest since you found the rate of debt increase remarkable, that you replace the running debt total with the amount the debt increased over the previous year, either the absolute amount or the percentage increase.

Also, the relationship that you describe would be easier to convey with a line graph with time as the x axis and cd rates on the left y axis and consumer debt increase on the right y axis.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

True but I use the numbers all the time in different ways. Namely, in today's 'Free Trade' and the 'Money Matters' articles, I used the raw data.

And this isn't complete at all! I can see a huge graph in my future, one that has the actual numbers of all sorts of things running in tandem. With notations showing various events that impact the numbers.

The adding and subtracting of various things are easy to do when the data has been colored up the way I do it, I can locate the years of low or high interest rates at a glance, for example.

And the monthly numbers matter. Most graphs show only yearly averages. A real weakness when one wants to see the impact of various world events on the numbers.

red sole

He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

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