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When this mess deteriorates into chaos, the American people will put Bernanke in a bright orange jumpsuit and ditto Greenspan, if he's still alive.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

As I say, 'Arrest them all!'


By the first century Roman citizens had the best of everything. While living "high on the hog" their treasury shaved the coinage and crafted inflation schemes. In terms of purpose and resolve the Empire lost momentum. Their cities lost clout, infrastructure and the outliers became backwaters. I haven't found any stories about how outraged the public became to see it fall apart. Only when the cost of a jar of wine exceeded that for a loaf of bread did they riot.

By the time it was done Roman bureaucrats abandoned the place, managed to ingratiate themselves with lesser barbarian kings and made do stealing on a smaller scale.

edwin jewell

We need to take action and get responsible people in congress, and not these crooks who take money from lobbyists for there future political agendas.Social Security needs to be untouched and anyone messing with it gos to jail.I remember when george W asked americans to eliminate the social Security trust Fund and instead substitute it with a stock market fund and that our return of interest whould be better.Whats are stock market looking like president Bush.It was the the most stupid thing I ever heard.This Administration has been an utter failure.

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