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I have one and it is“ COMPLETE RUBBISH” ok not complete it looks good. Other than that almost every other phone I have had in the last 3 years and I have had 3, last being the blackberry perl, has done a better job than the iphone. you cant even sync the iphones own notes to your computer, thats laughable! Like everything apple does it is more hype than substance, yes they know how to make things look pretty but like someone said outdated by 4 years before it was released. Lucky i got it for free, one of my...

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In a low interest rate environment like the US, it can be a problem to invest in secure high- yielding fixed income investments. Most of these investments are around the base rate as set by the government. It would be difficult to get secure investments around the 3% mark. In New Zealand or Australia some fixed interest investments are worth 7. 5% or 8%. An issue with making an investment abroad is that currency rates are so volatile that even though you make 5% on yield, that gain can be wiped out in...

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