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Liberal AND Proud

Gee, Mr. Smith has been unexpectedly quiet.

Has he gone to Washington?


"Usually when the stock markets decide to tank,..."

I wouldn't call a 1.5% drop a "tank" - remember the Great Crash of Last February?

The market has been so high for so long that anything like this is a buying opportunity.

"It means they are feeling life and hope and love and desire and..revolution!"

'Tis the season when wild oats are sown. I can see a couple of kids meeting at a demo, all full of proletarian fervor, and going back to the apartment after to hump their randy little brains out. Did that myself, a couple of times, although by the time I got to college the big demos were over; we were protesting against Chilean grapes or California lettuce or somedamnthing, I forget what.

"In stark contrast to Americans who are hang-dog and helpless while they are pushed around by the elites."

Or as I said in the other thread, maybe we just have more entertainment options.

"the USA is buying GASOLINE overseas "

Because, thanks to the enviro types, we haven't built a new refinery in 30 years. Way to go, greeners.

Elaine, something I love about you is your utterly restrained writing style. You never overstate your case!


There's an interesting photo here:


Where are the burning cars, the clouds of teargas, the riot squads, the troops? What an utterly peaceful yuppified "demonstration"! A gaggle of small children running around, a couple of people sitting down and taking a break, and is that woman in the left foreground making a freaking phone call? What the hell way is that to take it to the streets?


"The market has been so high for so long that anything like this is a buying opportunity."

Priceless!!! Straight out of the drooling mouthes of those hoping to strike it big right before the crash of 1929.

Smith, you do understand that all of the ultra rich insiders are SELLING off ALL of their stocks, bonds, pieces of paper and moving their money into other places that they know will be safe and that this has been going on for almost a year now.

I would advise you to do the same, unless your money is stuck in the market in some 401k plan.

Later, the lower level chumps will all say: "They told us to buy! Yet, they were selling behind our backs! How could they do that to us! We trusted them!"

They always do it. It is how they become super rich. Deceit does not produce anything good or useful, but it can make you rich while ruining everyone else.



Jesse Livermore knew the ability to sit pat was the best characteristic of a stock operator. "Feeding" shares to the public through insider sales, IPOs and just the transfer of paper from strong hands to weak takes a very long time. No need to upset the apple cart when the whole point of Wall Street's gig is distribution. Condition the folks to buy the dip, reward them with gains and they'll always come back for more. However, there always comes the time when the music stops and the technical operations finally take a backseat to the ugly fundamentals. A sell-off is a buying opportunity until it's not.

As to American strength and freedom to choose as exhibited by entertainment options; I suspect the only resistance and outrage, much less, evidence of a pulse will come when the cable or satellite gets shut off.

The oil industry is no fool. They see the handwriting on the wall. Why spend billions building new refineries when crude oil reserves are headed down the right slope? Would you want your bonus used that way?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Who wants to live next to an oil refinery? Its all about NIMBY. I remember when Mayor Koch whined to me that everyone is crying NIMBY. I shot back, 'Our back yard isn't you garbage dump!'

And so it is: Americans want to guzzle gasoline but don't want the dirty stuff manufactured here. This goes for everything else. Ergo: hideous trade deficits.


"The oil industry is no fool. They see the handwriting on the wall. Why spend billions building new refineries when crude oil reserves are headed down the right slope? Would you want your bonus used that way?"

This is very true. It has always been my suspicion. When big business really wants something, they just roll right over the tree-huggers. Big Oil made no real fight to build any new refineries.

However, many of them have spent part of their bonuses on building personal fortified compounds that run on solar, wind, and possibly even geothermal energy.

Ignore what people say. Just watch what they do.


"...thanks to the enviro types, we haven't built a new refinery in 30 years. Way to go, greeners."

That's a nice cut and paste from the Republican playbook. It's one of their many bumper-sticker philosophies that plays extremely well to people who don't want to be bothered by facts or thinking.

The conservatives, especially oily Cheney, love to repeat this mantra about refinery construction because it's a single lie that can serve 2 purposes: It provides an excuse (a false one) for higher gas prices, and it slams anyone who cares about environmental issues.

But look at the facts. Refineries are proposed, constructed, operated, and wholly owned by the oil companies. It was their decision to limit refining capacity in the US that kept new ones from appearing, not opposition from environmental groups. Maintaining a totalitarian control on refining capacity is an essential part of big oil's manipulation of prices. More refineries would challenge that control.

Second, as noted above, the oil companies don't even propose construction of new refineries now because they know they'd be investing billions in a production facility that will soon be without feed material.

Third, I worked for over 20 years for the federal and state agencies that would grant permits for the construction and operation of large-scale, energy-related facilities such as oil refineries. Not once, not one single time did I ever even hear a rumor of a permit application for an oil refinery coming in. That's right--in my 20+ years in environmental regulatory agencies, the subject of refineries didn't come up once. Isn't it odd that the "enviro types" have been able to stop projects that weren't even proposed? Hmmm. They must be significantly more powerful than I suspected. In addition, for the past 7 years, the agencies that would grant such construction and operating permits have been in the hands of right-wing, unethical, anti-environmental zealots and oil company lobbyists like Gale Norton who would have signed off on bulldozing the Vatican and throwing the rubble on an endangered species. Do you really think the feds are going to say "no" to any oil company because Greenpeace said, "We don't want that permit to be granted."?

Hence, Smith, for your cavalier parroting of right-wing propaganda to be true, you'll have to name several refineries that were seriously proposed (with applications for permits submitted) and then provide evidence that the project was abandoned because of pressure from external forces in the environmental movement. (Ask Cheney for the list--I did.) I know you can't do it, because I know it didn't happen. But again, when have conservatives ever given a tinker's damn about the truth?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

And why did the Germans try to kill GREENPEACE protestors in boats and used helicopters to destroy GREENPEACE balloons?

Geeze. The GREENPEACE people aren't stopping anything. Note how France blew up their ship that was protesting French nuclear bomb tests!

If they want refineries, they get them. If they want to blow up huge nukes in the desert, they up and do it. If they want to fucking invade oil pumping nations, they invade. Nuff said,


What. Ever.


You just got owned, Smith. As usual.


Game, set and match to Elaine.

some fat guy

Elaine - you haven't been listening. My buddy Hank Paulson supports a strong dollar and our boy Ronald Regan proved that deficits don't matter. Don't you watch Fox News? Get ready for the second wave of the bull market. The U.S. is now an ownership society. USA! USA! USA!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yeah. Owned by the Chinese.


My Chinese fortune cookie said yesterday:

"Congratulations! You are now an owner!"

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