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Interest rates going up?!?!

How can this be? There are millions of Chinese child laborers that can be exploited to ensure a steady supply of cheap goods to the US and a stedy supply of dollars to be recycled back to the U.S. to purchase debt.

The Chinese menace must be made to understand that the USA is the sole economic and military power in the world! We are an EMPIRE!


I crack me up!!!


Foreclosures exploding up, yet gasoline consumption in US sets new record, incongruous, but true! We need an energy policy change immediately!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, isn't this odd. Spending is up but so is bankruptcy. Badly.


We are now a nation of compulsive, out-of-control omni-addicts. If we are given the slightest taste of anything remotely pleasant, we must have more, more, MORE!!! Why? Well we have had it drilled into us by watching TV, and going to schools where the teachers are paid by putting up advertisements aimed at the students right in the schools. More, more, MORE!!! We are the nation of MORE! And if, for any reason, we don't always get MORE, that means the ECONOMY GOD hates us, and will set like the sun, and we are sure to freeze in the dark. Once we get a taste of something, we must always GET MORE to appease the ECONOMY GOD — for this verily is written on the walls of the classrooms, on the sides of busses, and repeated EVERY 15 MINUTES on every TV! MORE!!!

MORE processing power, MORE driving around aimlessly at MORE speed, MORE cheap junk from MOREmart. MORE!!! MORE!!! MORE!!! Even when that banker who holds the actual deed to the house comes around to kick us out, and we are forced to decamp to some rented replica of what we once owned, we must still manage to grasp MORE of the STUFF mentioned above. We simply must. (This very thing actually transpired in the case of my own cousin. HE had a giant house for about 30 years, where I actually put in the electrical wiring, lost it but continued to live really high.) The power of MORE!!!

Meanwhile, in the 'halls of power', well I have this theory about the chickenhawks. They hung one of their very own, Saddam, in an insanely bloody fashion. They are chickenhawks for sure, but not so much because they fear death all that much, as they are truly bored with life to begin with. No, they will never get down in the trenches with the riffraff, never. But they won't too much mind being hung. They are pirates, after all. Traveling around the earth looting and plundering. (And they ain't got no 'loyalty to that 'merica, neither.) They really don't give a shit about anything. For the first 1/3rd of my life, I thought the dolts at the 'great universities' must have all this figured out. If they do, it's not what they've been teaching, and besides, they are much too busy acquiring salary increases to bother anyway.

Meanwhile, the great moronic masses struggle with the all-important issues of gay marriage, abortion, and whatnot. A great ship of pirate fools we have become.

I read an obscure comment the the other day on some obscure blog where some of these issues were discussed. Suddenly this Amerind pops up, and says [Just paraphrasing] "I just live on the rez, and I could give a fuck what you insane Americans do; enjoy your fourth of July, but it's nothing to me. I don't even care what crazy trouble you American's are in at the moment."

Tamahagane(Japan steel)

I'm interested in history of samurai sword.Emperor of Japan "Tennno" is the last royal prerogative supported by ancient myth in the world.
The Oldest japanese myth literature "Kojiki" says that Imperial treasure sword was got by the god Susanoo from eight head dragon in Izumo.
Raw steel of samurai sword is only made by Hitachi Metals at Yasugi Izumo Shimane prefecture.However Hitachi Metals is famous high-tech steel maker,raw material of formal japanese sword is made by ancient steel making method "Tatara". Raw steel is called "Tamahagane"(Jewel like steel).
I hear that it is supreme one for sword making.I wanna get and forge it.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Tamahagane, back when I did diplomatic things in Asia, I got to see the entire collection of Imperial blades that went back several hundred years. It was quite amazing. The swords were not all that long compared to European medieval swords. But the sharpness of the edges were amazing. Nearly flawless.

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