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This link may be of interest to you.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks for the link, John!

Heh. I am not surprized that Japan wants to do this stupid thing forever and ever. It benefits them greatly.


This global "free" trade with "capitalism" is in reality nothing more than extreme intervention by world wide central bankers who are controling all the strings, something that free market advocates 20 years ago would call something other than capitalism.


Goldbuggery is just funny.

Consider the sizes of various hard-money economies: they were small, agrarian economies with little year-to-year growth and little oppportunity.

At the end of the 19th century, large-scale industrialization became possible because of the breaking of the hard-money restriction on payments: there was never enough gold or silver in circulation to satisfy the needs of a growing economy.

Despite all the fulmination above, paper money is not a bad thing.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

And note my story line: the issuance of paper money is directly connected to WARS. And the degradation of the paper value is connected to WARS. They are one and the same creature.


Inflation is the means by which the ruling elites wage their endless wars. That is its primary purpose, and has been since the dawn of time.

It was never intended to support social programs of any kind. This only came about as a means of staving off violent revolutions against the ruling elites because of the suffering caused by their endless wars.

Paper, and now electronic money, is the preferred means of inflating the money supply to pay for the ever increasing costs of war. In the past, coins were debased by removing more and more of the precious metal content until they were virtually worthless. That is what the bronze coins from Roman times represent: debased silver coins first established under the Republic.

Few goldbugs ever speak about the relationship between inflation and war. They always blame Social Security and Medicare. They never explain how their hard money system will pay for several fleets to patrol the Persion Gulf or the Seven Seas, or 30 brigades deployed on the other side of the world.

Elaine is one of the few writers who always makes the obvious connection between war and inflation.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

DeVaul, the valuable information you send me is tremendously appreciated, seriously. You are a fountain of great information and interesting history.

I can't thank you enough.


The coupling of inflation with war is not an obvious relationship to me. But the US is now planning to bomb Somalia, it seems. I almost think BushCo & the media propaganda machine merely start them to show us who is in charge. They certainly produce far less than nothing. Of course, the DemocRats could not help but give the military $124 BILLION. They just HAD to do it. They are all nuts. Now they seem to be moving the whole government to Denver so they can see the Great Drought! They are idiots.

Frank Schilling

The richest people in the world, (those who are in a position to buy the gold today) made their money with fiat currency. You have to accept your situation (good or bad) and make it work to your advantage. Me paying you a tael for a week's worth of bread is not so different from fiat dollars used to send aircraft cariers so the oil can keep flowing and perpetuating the need for more fiat dollars. The reason I can type these words on my laptop, have you read them and respond is 'because' of fiat dollars. At some point there will be an inevitable recalibration, and that short window is when you want to hold physical gold. Of course you'll have to find the courage to sell that gold during times of panic and great uncertainty if you really want to profit.


Hi Elaine,

I am reading your blog for the first time today. You made it into the Big Picture linkfest this weekend. You need to work on your writing a bit as it is a bit difficult to read but your heart is clearly in the right place. I think you have a future in the writing biz.

Don't let the fiat cult zombies get you down. You are right about fiat money buying wars. That is the dream, guns and butter, war and welfare with no one to pay the bills. The problem is we all pay the bills and our children pay the biggest price.

Always remember that because of productivity enhancements the natural trend for the price of goods is supposed to be downward not upwards. That shows how much of the hidden tax is being taken off of us. What is the matrix? The banking system is very much the matrix. We were born in a debt slave society but it doesn't mean we have to die there. Keep telling people about it and maybe we can win back the future for our kids that we are selling today for a bowl of food

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