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michael savoca

I am amazed that day after day i find you still well, at your keyboard speaking your truth from the brutal reality that is veiled by handmaidens of power. Thanks for your efforts

While I don't agree with your every effort at hyperbole that is part and parcel of your writings, I always find your thoughts interesting and provocative.

That you still exist encourages me to believe the first amendment remains alive as well, and Admiral P and the company have not yet used TIA to eradicate those you challenge the king.

But then again in my paranoia I wonder DO you still exist or is your website a snare that reveals the repeat viewers who must of course be fellow travelers?

Somehow, your questions and those of the rest of the blogosphere must be turned into peaceful but forceful democratic action.

Dare we say third party?

To the extent we live beyond our means, in debt, over mortgaged, consumption exceeding wages..."they" control us. One cannot speak the truth to power if the loss of a months pay throws one out into the street .




One thing to consider is that given global warming, being thrown out on the streets will be a bit less cold --- but a lot more damp.
I have developed a theory of borrowing, borrow to buy consumables only. Then walk away from the debt. In this way money truly becomes merdé.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Owning land is great! Only if one is a tribal herdsman who periodically raids dying empires, does it pay to live landless. Land is power. Landlords are more powerful than tenants except in NYC, heh.

Hyperbole: I live on a mountain and this makes me very hyper and there are lots of boles here in all the oak trees...heh. I grope for words that wake up people from their slumber. Talk nice and it is a lullaby.

Don Parker


The world system has failed the average Joe, that being me. What now Elaine? I owe a little less than I am worth, money-wise that is. Into what instrument(s) are you putting your mattress stuffings?

This is a serious question.

Don Parker

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