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Ah I missed the news that China raised rates today on the mainstream financial sites! Thanks for the report, China seems to actually be trying to reign in its money supply growth. They sort of use my styel, of gradually going after the problem, and using a variety of mechanisms at once. Like offering more shares for sale for investors to put their money, raising the amount banks need on deposit, and increasing the interest rate. Looks like they still have some problems though with inflation at over 4%.. and if I remember they are actually including food in their inflation calculations.

In America t hey aren't including food and energy because historically those have been too volatile. But for the last what 6 years those are almost always higher then the 'core' rate.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

They cut out food and energy so they don't have to pay the elderly and infirm benefit increases. Volitility has nothing to do with anything.


Isn't social security tied to income growth right now? I think its worse then the core cpi even!

Go to briefing.com and economic calendar, and click on consumer price index, and there is graphs of cpi and core inflation for the last few decades. It actually did swing around a lot both to the negative and upside. Its just over the last 6 years its always been to the upside and they aren't factoring that in.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

100% correct, AA2. You have this little scheme figured out. They want to get rid of the elderly and starving them to death is hunky dory with our wealthy elites.

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