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According to some very reliable experts, virtually the entire nation of Brazil is heading into a great ecological catastrophe. So great that it is likely to drag the rest of the planet into the fray. One more year of drought, and the Amazon rainforest will likely turn into a vast desert, drastically altering weather patterns across the entire planet. There are a lot of things lining up to execute the whole human race, but I think global desertification is perhaps the most inevitable. Here is an article about the situation:



The Mediterranean area is roasting also:



I don't think the world's economy depends solely upon which side of the bed some British economics reporter rolls out of in the morning. I think we are going to have to look at things like production infrastructure, environment, and energy availability. But then, I've always been into the nuts and bolts of things.


An interesting article re the Silver Road.
The west called it the silk road because silk flowed from east to west; the chinese always knew it was the silver road because silver flowed the other direction.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Both of you are correct. And yes, the ecological crisis is human-made and serious. The Amazon and Congo jungles are the lungs of the earth. Rain is supposed to fall there, not in concentrated pockets further north.

tom jones

thanks for taking the time to get into brazil's economic situation. i've been spending our winter there since 2000 and i still don't understand how their economy works.
every thing except rent and food is a minimum of two, usually three times more expensive than here. even technology coming from where-else? China must have tarrifs on it, because the consumer gets nothing cheap like here in America. recently credit and instalment paying has become the rage. poor people suddenly have the possibility to get things as never before and it's appears to many that the brazilian attitude of not worrying about the future, it's in god's hands, means they are even more irresponsible with debt than americans (if that's possible!) teenagers want $200 nike's and $450 cellular phones and GET them! and of course this just encourages more drug traffiking and who makes the guns that make the traffikers better armed than the police, yes america wins again. it's really disgusting what our country provides the world that's never even discussed in our media. anyway, i'm thinking of moving to rio in spite of whatever because it's i'm happier in that environment and culture than here. go figure.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Like opium in the 19th century and rum in the 18th century, coke makes trade go round.


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