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I'm not sure what to think of the stock market and all the chaos that surrounds it.

Referring to "investors" as a "herd" seems to be quite appropriate given their herd-like behavior. Discharge a gun (i.e. read a report) near them and they will be "spooked" or even start a stampede.

And who are these "investors"? No one has ever introduced themselves to me as "an investor". I have heard stockbroker, exporter/importer, banker, and other occupations but never "investor". And why do they act like complete morons?

The news always tells us that investors are "waiting" for this or that report before making a decision as to what to do. Am I really to believe that someone will buy or sell a stock in xyz, inc. based on a government report? Everyone knows the government lies, so why make decisions on rank lies?

And why do they even wait for the release of all these reports? They know the exact day the report will be released. Why not do a little research beforehand to find out what will likely be in the report? The info is out there available to everyone. Why wait?

I do not know who these investors are, but they do behave just like a herd of animals. They send out no scouts or lookouts. They just wait and react to whatever happens nearby. For animals this is ok, but it is awfully strange behavior for people who plan to "make money" off of stocks.


My understanding is that the so-called "stock market" is nothing other than a very rigged gambling casino. The insiders are privy to wholesale quantities of supposedly illegal insider information, and the media system constantly denies this, so as to draw in as many clueless suckers as possible to make up the difference. The media system is constantly depredicting what happened yesterday, so as to sound as if they know what they are talking about. They are, it seems, actually predicting that Monday will be a further disaster, so I would guess it probably will be. But there is no penalty when they just make things up. The stock market is unreal, and they are habitual liars, so what would you expect?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Some 'investors' read my news service. When I used to hang out at the NYT, they read my daily morning reports there. I had a huge audience.

Today, I am smaller but have total control over my own news. Haley Barbour can't visit and order me shut down like he did in 200! Investors are people with money who buy stocks. They often are individuals who have savings.

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