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D.F. Facti

Well, Elaine, another item to stir up the pot - - - I. Lewis Libby was issued his get-out-of-jail card - though not for "free," it appears.

He still faces fines and probation.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Anyone shocked by this?

The fines will be paid by someone else. And he can write a book while considering offers from conservative Zionist think tanks.

God. I am so sick of this country.


Wow! Smith was soooooooooo...wrong...again.

Elaine was soooooooo...right...again.

This is not a country. It is an empire, and the emperor makes the laws. We just pay for them.


Glad to know Wolfowitz found a nice, cushy job in a "DC think tank". If only we could lock the door and throw away the key.

So many crimes, so little time.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

They all are taken care of by fellow criminals. Got to keep the gangsters from being stoolies.

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