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m savoca

A most interesting documentary on BBC channel 4 discusses the attempted coup against FDR by major US industrialists in response to the depression and FDR's new deal which the industrialists hated.


Presscott Bush, grandfather to the current president and many other super wealthy industrialists were members of a group, the liberty foundation, which supported bringing fascism to America and may have supported the coup attempt.

Considering the well documented relationship between the steel works of Nazi Germany and Prescott Bush via Brown Brothers Harriman company, the above story gains some traction.

Kate Namous

I will believe it's end times when the Swiss trains stop running on time... the Swiss are even more punctual than the Germans.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Oh, yes, Kate! They certainly are. I once visited France with a former Wehrmacht tank officer. He couldn't help himself. 'This place is so filthy. We should make them clean it up!'

And yes, I know about the Bush facist past, Savoca. It surprises other people but not me. My family has known them for years and years and years and...more years. They are johnny-come-latelys to the ruling elites. My family is old ruling elites.

As upstarts, they are enamored with fascism.


"German trains are no longer punctual."

Probably a good thing. As we all know, trains that run on time are one of the ways you can tell you're in a Fascist Dictatorship.

Trains, however, are a 19th-centiry technology. If your transpost system depends on rail transport, and the rail union decides to go on strike, it can bring the whole economy to its knees. (I realize there are those who think that's a good thing, but I disagree that a nation should be held hostage to any group's latest set of non-negotiable demands.)

Mmmm. Miniskirts. Silk stockings. Mmmmm. I'm sure you were a real hottie in 1968!


If you are impressed with German and Swiss trains then you should check out Buses in Sao Paulo - http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/jun07/5139 and Geneva - remarkable - or think of criss crossing the vast stretches of the Sahara in a ... mini-bus.

If it is about moving "Anything" from A to B in a dependable regular fashion - there are soo many surprises all over the world.

D.F. Facti

great story, Elaine.

Were you in a quartet in 1968?

I use Amtrak between Chicago and Michigan all the time. The freight lines own the tracks, so the passenger trains must stand aside. I talk to the conductors about this frequently.

I love not fighting traffic on the Dan Ryan and on I-94.

I am another year older, by the way. ach!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Happy Birthday, Facti! We all age. Nature of being alive. Better to age than to lie in eternal rest, I say.

And Smith, trains are old technology IN AMERICA. And as for strikes: ask the Teamsters and the Longshormen about this! My first husband was a Longshoreman. Their strikes were alway very short and extremely nasty.


Sacre Bleu!

Railroads and passenger transport 19th century technology, somebody had better tell the French, Germans, Japanese and Koreans etc. They are busy building trains that run at 180mph and apologising because they are rated to run at 200mph. Not only that, they are putting airlines out of business. http://www.travelindustrywire.com/article27223.html

Elaine Meinel Supkis

300 miles per hour!


Distances in Europe are short. Trains may provide an alternative for regional travel in the US, but I wouldn't want to go NY-LA on one.

chill wine bag

The issue of immigration is always tackled on almost any state. Probably just a tightening of security.

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