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Blunt Force Trauma

Hey, Elaine. Got any room in your hills for squatters? I'll need some place to go to when TSHTF. I figure, from reading your blog that we've got, what, 3 more months or less?


Hey Elaine:

More happy news:


Sentinel Management Group Seeks to Halt Redemptions (Update3)

By Jenny Strasburg and Matthew Leising

Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Sentinel Management Group Inc., the Illinois-based firm that manages $1.6 billion, said it asked regulators for permission to freeze client withdrawals because credit-market turmoil made it impossible to trade.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I have a pretty big property. But you have to shovel snow. Everyone who has lived here says 'yes' at the beginning of winter but by the end of February when we get hammered with one blizzard after another...the worst ones come in March, people flee.


Because we don't have leaders much less adults minding the store, everybody's kept in the dark. So, for those that are paying attention you make the best of the misinformation as if reading tea leaves or interpreting the Tarot. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain (PNATTMBTC).

This business of avoiding any real world pricing of derivatives, CDOs, CMOs opened Pandora's Box. Result: no liquidity. Now, I'm seeing similar creeping rumors (the authorities are to blame for not coming clean on these issues. It's like its nobodys business but theirs) pertaining to money market funds. The last time I checked a money market fund was a plain vanilla assortment of short-term T-Bills, 30 day commercial paper and certain time deposit certificates. Somebody's worried they might be subject to a redemption freeze. Why? It's supposed to be safer than goats milk.

Unless these portfolios are also crammed full of mortgage-backed products too. I suspect they are.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I am restarting my daily pod casts. If everyone likes these, I will continue doing them. I will need feedback to see if things are working out.


I hate to dissuade you from the podcast but it’s much faster for me to read your work. With the amount of material I try to absorb I can’t afford the time. It was interesting to hear your voice. You should try doing an audio mix with the music instead of a background with the mic.


You are correct, Canuck. I already fixed some of the problems. I am thinking how best to do things. Give me a few more tries at it. I really appreciate your feedback.

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