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you might be interested to note that Japan's foreign reserves are going to be used by India to defend its currency as well. Received no press over here but here's a link to Asahi.com


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ah, I knew that and simply forgot to mention it! thanks. It is a TOP item and I will mention it later. Japan is using it to protect the YEN, not the rupee.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Namely to keep the yen relative to the rupee in a good spot so it stays weak against the euro and the dollar. And perhaps...the rupee itself.


Great post Elaine - learning a lot from you.

Would you say that the recent relative strengthening of the $ vs. € is just temporary? - from €1 = $1.38 to $1.34 - or in other words, the recent relative weakening of the euro to dollar will soon reverse itself? (Since my life is supported by both currencies I keep watch.)

Still, the old $1 to 114 yen is back in business - let the free money flow!

As an expat in Germany, it seems to me that a consumer culture doesn't appear to be as popular as in the US and there remains a sense of avoiding living beyond one's means. Also Wal-Mart has pulled out of Germany (or at least my city). Overall though - how can easy credit and cheap Chinese goods be resisted in the long run - they can't, unless there is global recession.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Germans and Japanese have less physical space to fill with stuff. In America, we have bigger and bigger houses filled more and more with stuff. I go to homes where you physically cannot walk from room to room without climbing over tons of toys and junk. Children who had small toy boxes in my childhood---I had so few toys, got only 2 per year, that I had no box...my parents were wealthy enough, we had 3 cars, a huge swimming pool and a ranch with horses when I was a girl, but few toys. My mother hated clutter of any sort.

But the clutter gene is at work with a vengence in America, children here have rooms filled to the gills with toys which scatter all over the house with a vengence. As well as adult 'toys'. And all sorts of 'decorative' stuff that makes the Victorian desire to fill up all spaces with stuff pale in comparison.

The euro can't rise much more vis a vis the dollar and the yen but the Bank of Japan seems bent on doing this and Europe has little in the way of centrally-controlled FOREX reserves to protect themselves from seeing their currency inflated. This is the fatal flaw in the euro and is why it is the dumping ground of all the other competitors for world trade advantages.


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